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Why using Patches can help increase the amount of CBD that enters your body

CBD patches

There are a number of methods for taking CBD and getting it into your system. Some of these are very effective and some are very inefficient.

Unfortunately, many CBD companies are not interested in being honest about the ability of their CBD product to actually enter your body and put it to work and, in some cases, a large number of CBD companies are not even aware. of how bad their products are. to be absorbed by your body.

A standard CBD oil gets about 10-15% of the CBD in your system. While this may not seem like much, it is a testament to how good CBD is that people are using the oils and reporting amazing results.

This figure of 10-15% is known as the bioavailability of the product. Aside from CBD bath bombs, which are an excellent way to wash CBD into your plughole, the most ineffective method of taking CBD is via edible products like gummies. They only have 3% bioavailability which means that 97% of what you paid for disappears the moment you eat it. This can be a rather expensive waste of money.

At the other end of the scale, water-soluble CBD that is drinkable comes with nearly 100% bioavailability. However, not all water-soluble CBD is created equal.

There are two types of CBD soluble in water to avoid – CBD liposomes, which basically allows you to drink CBD and then watch it come out the other end after doing little valuable to your body. It is nano CBD which means that the CBD appears to be dissolved in water, but it is broken down and removed like any CBD oil.

However, this drinkable CBD is much more effective and efficient which allows any drink to become a CBD drink when you add it to your drink.

In the middle of the scale there are CBD patches that allow an excellent 40% of the CBD that is infused to pass into your blood. This “transdermal” application (which means “through the skin”) avoids the metabolism of the first step through your digestive system where most of the CBD is broken down. By avoiding this digestive process, most of the CBD is preserved to work in your body.

CBD patches also allow a steady release of CBD into your body over a period of 24-36 hours. This means that once you have applied a patch, you can forget about it and, therefore, if you are not the best at remembering when to take your CBD drops, this is an ideal way to take a stable dose in the most effort of ways.

Another aspect that provides a benefit with CBD patches is that they are guaranteed to have zero THC in them. THC is the cannabinoid that has all the psychoactive effects, in other words, it can get you high.

Even full-spectrum CBD can have traces of, for all intents and purposes, undetectable THC in them. While this small amount will not show up in any doping test for some people, they just stay away from it.

Professional athletes are subjected to extremely sensitive tests as part of their usual work routine and cannot afford to take any risk that THC appears in their blood. THC is still classified as a banned substance by WADA, the World Athletics Doping Agency.

Then there are those who will avoid even traces of THC because of their religious beliefs.

For all these people, CBD patches provide the ideal solution as they are infused with 100% pure CBD with no other cannabinoids in them.

In an ideal world, we would all be able to take a full spectrum product because this is as close to the natural plant as we can get with its mysterious and powerful “entourage effect” that miraculous synergy of all the compounds in the hemp plant .

However, luckily where this isn’t possible, CBD patches are the perfect, easy-to-use answer.

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