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Why Are Lab Tests Necessary Before Purchasing Kratom? 

Digging deeper into the world of Kratom can shatter anyone. You need to find your sweet spot. As a large variety of Red Vein Kratom is available in the market. Kratom is an extract derived from Mitragyna Speciosa. These plants are abundant in the Southeast Asian regions. The leaves are used for medicinal and therapeutic benefits, since it has a high amount of alkaloids. Alkaloids such as Mitragynine are energy boosters, and 7 hydroxymitragynine has analgesic properties.

Third-party laboratory testing is a vital component of any herbal product activity. If you buy from companies that sell their products for lab tests, you are much more likely to receive high quality products. You should be familiar with the intricacies of lab tests before buying Kratom. There is no FDA law governing this herbal supplement.


Third-party testing involves independent laboratories that carefully inspect products before selling them to customers. These tests provide reassurance to consumers. They are also a legitimate security practice that allows consumers to be assured that they have purchased a safe product.

Things to look for in laboratory tests

Lab-testing ensures that you consume Kratom in its natural state. The high-quality red vein strain is subjected to a correct test. This involves sample tests for heavy metals, pathogens, alkaloid profiles and COAs. Products verified by third parties are safe to use since they are organic and free from any adulteration.

Things to look for in laboratory tests

  • Check the legality in your State.

In 2016, when The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was close to classifying Kratoms as a Schedule I substance, it would have imposed a total ban. People had the opportunity to speak out in favor of these drugs. However, the government was impressed by the excessive response and considered its use and legal consumption in the United States. However, some states have banned these drugs.

  • Testing Regarding Pathogens

A bacterial infection increases the risk of pathogens. The lab tested kratom samples to make sure they were free of infections. This test detects harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella, yeast, mold and coliforms. These laboratory tests confirm whether or not these dangerous chemicals are present in Kratom.

There are other steps like testing for alkaloids and heavy metals.

All Laboratories are not equal

Not all labs are the same. Unreliable labs give false tests of Red Vein Kratom. Each company submits ARL testing methods that give licenses to laboratories. ARL means that it is registered and authorized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Trusted laboratories also comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). If you send samples to random labs, there is likely to be false results. The product could contain pathogens, Salmonella, or heavy metals that are dangerous to health.

Third, independent laboratories

Third-party labs are unbiased and do not involve links to a certain Kratom provider. They are FDA-approved laboratories responsible for the purity and efficiency of the product as they have a thorough research of Red Vein Kratom while verifying its potency, concentration, pathogens or heavy metals. Using a reliable laboratory and cutting edge technology creates the difference between transparency and false results.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Reliable kratom sellers will send their raw kratom leaf and finished red kratom for evaluation. The result of laboratory tests on a finished product is COA. Certificates of analysis indicate the results of these tests. That allows users to assess the potency and purity of the products in question.


Things COA must include

Certificate of Analysis shows the list of tested articles on Red Vein Kratom. It includes the identification of heavy metals, contaminants, pathogens, or airborne particles, which guarantees the quality and transparency of the product. Ensure that the product is safe and powerful to use.

Biological safety

Biological safety implies that Red Vein Kratom is free of pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants. Verified products tested in laboratories are subjected to an extensive control of any microorganisms in the air. The presence of Salmonella, mold, or e.coli proves fatal to human health. That is why Red Vein Kratom must be biologically safe from every critical point of view.

Plant identity

Red Vein Kratom is a plant extract of Mitragynine Speciosa. The ripening of the leaves causes red tension. The mature leaves are red and contain a high concentration of alkaloids. Alkaloids are chemical compounds that are present in the leaves. The natives of Indonesia, Thailand and the countries of South Asia use these herbs for therapeutic purposes. Red Vein Strain is popular among other strains because of its analgesic properties.

Availability of adulterants

Investing in Red Vein Kratom is dangerous to our health. Studies suggest that Red Vein Kratom has a high concentration of 7- OH. It is shown to be Kratom synthesis. Phenethylamine should not be present in Red Vein Kratom as it is also harmful to health. Laboratory-tested products scan these chemicals to make them suitable for ingestion.

Alkaloid content

The concentration of total alkaloids varies between 0.5 and 1.5 percent in dried leaves. Mitraginine is the most abundant component in Thai variants (up to 66% of total alkaloids). 7-hydroxymitragynine is a minor constituent (up to 2 percent of the total alkaloid content). Mitragynine levels are lower in Malaysian kratom variants (12 percent of total alkaloids).

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as Nickel, Lead can lead to metal poisoning. Researchers have found the presence of heavy metals in Red Vein Kratom. Long-term use can become a severe threat. Exposure to lead in any form is dangerous. According to the WHO, there is no safe threshold for exposure. Lead poisoning has a wide range of effects on the body’s systems, including the brain, bones, liver and kidneys.

Conclusions Words

Buyers should select a reputable manufacturer that guarantees pure kratoms, tested in laboratories, supplied fresh. Examine your alternatives to find the best chewable red kratom extracts that are right for you. As a knowledgeable Kratom consumer, you need to understand how to evaluate lab test results that correlate with the Kratoms you like.

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