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Whoopi Goldberg supports the treatment of children with medical marijuana

By Oscar Pascual |

When it comes to safe access to medical marijuana, Whoopi Goldberg thinks of the kids.

As in, making sure the kids can get weed.

“When we talk about marijuana and I hear people say, ‘Well, what about the kids?’ Yes, what about the children?” says the comedian and host of the TV show “The View” in an upcoming candid interview with High times, reports the New York Post.

“These parents are being treated like criminals – because as a last resort and after much research, they have decided that cannabis can help their child,” Goldberg added.

Her comments may seem ridiculous to people imagining Nancy Grace’s videos of parents giving joints to toddlers, but Goldberg points to the growing number of parents using medicinal marijuana to treat their children for cancer, seizures, and other debilitating illnesses. .

These parents are not medicating their children with cannabis smoke, but rather with cannabis oil containing high concentrations of the key therapeutic compound cannabidiol (CBD), which has recently been used with tremendous success in alternative pediatrics.

Many children who have seizures suffering from Dravet syndrome have been treated with some form of CBD oil derived from a strain called Charlotte’s Web, named after Charlotte Figi, a seven-year-old girl who was the first to be successfully treated by the deformation.

CBD oil also has anecdotal evidence for effectively fighting cancer in children, as seen in the VICE News segment, “Stoned Kids.” Eight-year-old Mikayla Comstock’s parents decided to treat her leukemia with cannabis oil before considering full-body radiation. Six days later, Comstock was in complete remission.

The rising number of children receiving medical marijuana treatment has sparked a new trend of marijuana refugees – parents leaving their jobs, homes and families to move to states where their children can be treated with cannabis oil.

“They know they could face jail time — but these are their kids, and they’ll do whatever they can to calm the convulsions or calm them down after chemotherapy,” Goldberg said. High times.

Read Goldberg’s entire interview in the upcoming June 2015 issue of: High times.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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