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‘Weed of Wonder:’ Museum book spins story of cannabis, humanity

Available in two cover colors:
Green – ISBN 978-90-903459-1-8 Purple – ISBN 978-90-903385-2-1

Whether you know it or not, the history of cannabis is ours history; from the primordial past, passing through classical civilizations to the Age of Discovery to the present day. With or without THC, cannabis has shaped the world. Find out how, in the new richly illustrated table book, Weed of Wonder, now on sale.

This famous book, published by the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum, depicts the intimate relationship between the Cannabis plant and humanity, from our hunter-gatherer past to our sophisticated present, exploring the crucial role played both by industrial cannabis. both from the “weed,” just one of the many nicknames for ganja, the psychotropic variety.

The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum is the oldest cannabis museum in the world, with headquarters in Amsterdam (Netherlands, since 1987) and Barcelona (Spain, since 2012). The Museum focuses on precision and quality for decades and brings those qualities to its new publication.

It’s time to rethink cannabis and society

Unprecedented access to the museum’s founder Ben Dronkers ’collection of more than 9000 cannabis-related artifacts has led to this new look at the plant’s history. Weed of Wonder it is the result of more than four years of in-depth research and photography.

Legal cannabis is becoming an international issue, with Uruguay, Canada and Mexico at the forefront. THC-rich varieties can be purchased in most of the USA as sprouts, packs and extracts. The old cannabis activism now exists alongside a billion-dollar industry. CBD, the “wellness cannabinoid,” changes the plant’s perception and incorporates its use beyond the wildest dreams of yesterday’s recreational consumers. Cannabis researchers are finding innovative solutions to some of the challenges posed by the ongoing climate crisis and the urgent need for truly sustainable resources.

Weed of Wonder describes in detail how Cannabis has contributed to our socio-economic evolution, and the role it could play in our future. It has become a part of the development of medicine, travel, textiles and industry to such an extent that no matter who you are or what you do, cannabis and cannabis have played a role in your life in some way. .

The famous “Hash Museum” in Amsterdam. Photo by Floris Leeuwenberg

In short, if Cannabis was a person, this would be his last biography.

Beautiful images and prints

Bypassing the gap between specialized reference work and the table photobook, Weed of Wonder is a challenging way to explore and understand both current cultural changes and cover the historical biases surrounding the plant. From medical discoveries to prohibition banals, from the precious industrial cannabis to the rare recreational use, it’s all here.

“Plants are important in human cultures, but they are too often overlooked. What joy is Weed of Wonder, chronicling the significance of cannabis since its first use as a nutritious food. This is an extraordinarily beautiful and informative book. If you want a careful, wide and rounded view of this plant of cultural importance, Weed of Wonder is. “

– Professor Simon L. Lewis, University College London and author of The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene.

“It is partly thanks to the dedication of this museum that knowledge about the many uses of the cannabis plant has reached a wide audience and that the political debate over legislation has been carried on in recent decades. You will find out why the cannabis plant deserves this freedom in the pages to come. I hope you like this book. ”

– Dries Van Agt, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

About the book

Weed of Wonder is a hardcover book in English that combines hundreds of high-quality, full-color photographs with informative text. The book is available on weedofwonder.nl and from bookstores everywhere, in a choice of green or purple cover. Explore the world of Cannabis through the Ben Dronkers collection and the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum

Title – Grass of Wonder.
Hardcover, 288 pages, 25 x 25 cm (9.8 x 9.8 inches)
Available in two colors:
Green – ISBN: 978-90-903459-1-8 Purple – ISBN: 978-90-903385-2-1 RRP – EUR 34.50 / USD $ 39.99

About the Dronker Group collection

The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum is part of the Dronkers Group, founded by Dutch businessman and philanthropist Ben Dronkers. This group of companies is invested in the development and utilization of all aspects of the Cannabis plant.

Sensi Seeds has been operating for over 35 years and is the benchmark in terms of cannabis genetics, including medicinal cannabis genetics.

HempFlax is established in the Netherlands, Romania, and Germany. This company continues to pave the way in the development of the industrial hemp market. It is the largest producer of CBD in Europe. Other products range from building materials to bioplastics and high-quality food products.

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