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Too late to register to vote against CA recall

August 30 was the deadline for Californians to register to vote online for the Sept. 14 Gubernatorial election. The biggest threat to saving the governor is voter complacency among Democrats versus excitement among Republicans that could reverse the outcome of previous elections.

TheLeafOnline has recommended a “no” vote for the recall and a vote for cannabis-friendly Democrat Jacqueline McGowan to take office if Newsom loses the recall vote. McGowan opposes the recall, but has put his hat on the ring as a replacement candidate to protect the cannabis industry. McGowan, a proponent of cannabis policy, sees his candidacy as “an insurance policy and a way forward” for Democratic voters.

Cannabis is threatened by GOP recall by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who backed the 2016 election initiative that legalized cannabis in the state. The recall was launched by Republicans after they failed to win the statewide office. Because of a perverse part of the state’s electoral code, a Democratic governor elected with a 62% turnout can be replaced by a Republican who gets less than 10% of the vote.

California NORML is part of the numerous groups that have come out in support of Newsom and have approved the NO vote. The biggest threat to the governor is the low turnout at the polls from Democrats.

McGowan is known for his advocacy of legalization and his efforts to reduce regulatory barriers while expanding adults ’access to cannabis through retail stores.

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