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Tips On Making Smoked Cocktail From A Professional Bartender

Preparing and smoking cocktails at home has become a common practice. If not for decades, it has become incredibly common in particular since cocktail smoking guns are readily available.

Almost all smoked cocktail lovers have tried to smoke cocktails at home. Some people prefer the old-fashioned smoking kit. Some have smoked the cocktail perfectly and some even though the smoker has not smoked it perfectly.

Too expensive a smoking gun is not all you need to make a perfect smoked cocktail. You have to be careful with a few other things as well. If you’ve been struggling to smoke a cocktail, here are a few tips that professional bartenders usually give.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Try a smoking cocktail with several favorable elements
  • Smoke the items for a minute or more
  • Invest in high quality materials
  • Always keep the fire extinguisher hanging nearby
  • Citrus peels, fruits and ice cream are our favorites

Don’t be afraid to fail

The first and foremost thing to do is to tell yourself that it is okay to fail. Just because you’ve failed to smoke the cocktail a couple of times doesn’t mean you could never smoke it perfectly. Since you are not a professional, there is no chance that you will be right on the first try. Quitting is not an option so all you can do is try and try again.

Try smoking the cocktail with several favorable elements

Smoker or cocktail smoking gun is not the only thing you can try. Some other things can add smoky and subtle flavors to the cocktail. You can try to smoke the garnishes, ice and alcohol that are used. So to add smoke and intensify your drink, be prepared to play with these elements.

Smoke the items for a minute or more

What most of us don’t know is that items can be smoked for a minute or more. If these items are smoked for a minute, the result will exceed your expectations. You can continue to increase and decrease the duration of smoking until you are convinced how intensified your cocktail should be.

Invest in certain high quality materials

If you want your smoked cocktail to be perfect, you have to invest in some quality materials. Prefer all natural food smoking materials. Avoid ordering and the use of wood, painted / stained / processed wood at all costs. Find a reliable supplier who deals in quality cocktail smoking supplies and be a loyal customer.

Always keep the fire extinguisher hanging nearby

You have to be very careful when working with fire and alcohol in a small space. Since most cocktail lovers would be unprofessional, so having an extinguisher on hand would make the experiment safer. Even after a series of experiments when you finally learn to smoke the cocktail safely, you prefer to keep the extinguisher close.

Citrus peels, fruits and ice cream are our favorites

There are several things you can try to make your smoked cocktail look and taste better. However, out of all the available options citrus peels, ice and some fruits are the bartender’s favorites. Professional bartenders usually like to play with these options.

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