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Tight deadline for ND legalization drive

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A group of 25 lawyers has filed a petition for the 2022 vote measure to legalize possession and regulate the sale of cannabis in North Dakota. Following a review by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, New Approach North Dakota will begin collecting voter signatures.

The proposal will allow adults 21 years of age or older to own limited quantities of cannabis and purchase products from cannabis establishments registered in North Dakota. The campaign is expected to gather more than 15,582 signatures valid by July 11 to qualify for the November 2022 vote.

The measure will put in place policies to regulate retail outlets, growers and other types of cannabis businesses. Before being sold to consumers, cannabis products must be tested for contaminants, labeled and tracked through a seed inventory system for sale. The full language text of the initiative presented with the North Dakota Secretary of State can be found here.

The ban drains state resources

“North Dakota’s policy of punishing adults who use cannabis is a wrong approach,” said Fargo-based criminal defense attorney and former police officer Mark Friese, the campaign’s treasurer. “No one’s life should be derailed by a small amount of marijuana. As a lawyer and former law enforcement member, I’ve seen how keeping illegal cannabis drains resources from our police departments and pockets the “Our measure of the vote is thoughtful and well done, and I am convinced that the voters will approve it this November.”

Matthew Ruby, State Representative for District 40 and a member of the active service in the military, is a member of the campaign’s sponsorship committee.

“As a member of the military community,” Ruby said, “I support this measure because it removes barriers for North Dakota veterans and other people with health conditions who need access to cannabis for therapeutic reasons. It also creates good jobs and new economic opportunities for farmers in our state.With sound controls and regulations in place, this measure represents a responsible approach to legalization.Our neighbors in Montana show that legalizing cannabis can work It is our turn to move forward. “

Democracy in action

“This is direct democracy in action,” added David Owen, a longtime leader of the cannabis reform movement in North Dakota. He is the chairman of the sponsorship committee of the initiated measure and will serve as campaign manager. “We’re excited to launch our signature unit, start talking to voters, and start building support for our statewide measure. We encourage all North Dakotas who believe it’s time to legalize cannabis. to participate and join the effort by visiting our website, signing up for volunteers and following our campaign on social media ”.

The campaign is backed by national cannabis policy reform organizations, including the Marijuana Policy Project, which has played a central role in passing dozens of cannabis policy reforms across the country. , including 10 successful adult use legalization campaigns.

The campaign has also announced that it will take on full-time and part-time petitioners who will start collecting signatures by the end of next week. Potential candidates are encouraged to apply through the campaign website at: www.NewApproachND.org/jobs.

New Approach North Dakota is a registered voting committee that is working to pass a 2022 voting measure to legalize and regulate cannabis for adults 21 years of age and older in North Dakota.

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