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Thrift Spliff: Loudpack Farms brings back the single joint

It’s hard to find even a single joint under $20 these days, but Loudpack’s pre-rolls deliver friendly buds on a budget.

You may have noticed that the $5 joints you’re used to finding in drugstore bargain bins seem to die out overnight. In fact, they literally died out overnight.

When a new set of California cannabis regulations went into effect on July 1, testing and child-proofing requirements were virtually taken off the shelves. Few were the extremely expensive $30 and $40 joints rolled in kief concentrate.

Affordable joints are starting to roll back onto drugstore shelves, but often priced even higher than $20 for a single doobie. Happy Monterey County’s Speaker Farms comes through with several types of single pre-rolled joints whose price is still nicely in the $12 to $15 pre-tax range.

These are full-gram joints, in a wide variety of varieties to choose from blue dream, purple nebula, Sours, sour mats, and boss OG, depending on what is in stock at your pharmacy or delivery service of choice.

SF Evergreen smoked on a Loudpack Pure OG pre-roll, an Indica strain with 11.6 percent THC. We found that just a few puffs had a clean and manageable high that was conducive to socializing, housework, or completing errands successfully.

The Pure OG is not a brain-teasing Pink Floyd strain for the late hours, but a more modest potency that won’t cause drowsiness. If you want to smoke during a party or celebration, this Loudpack variety is a smart choice.

There is little risk of anxiety or paranoia with this Indica, so check it out if you sometimes struggle with unpleasant side effects from a trip.

A few hits will get you high enough, and the whole gram doesn’t need to be consumed in one sitting. The craftsmanship of this jimmy is sturdy enough to be extinguished several times and still retain its original shape nicely.

These single joints are cone-shaped, with a filter that pulls out easily even after several sessions with wet lips. They are supplied in the traditional small black plastic tube for use and reuse in the carrying case.

Loudpack single pre-rolls are the kind of joint we took for granted before affordable jays became an endangered species. They are an inexpensive investment to get you smoking over a weekend, a big event, or a daily desire to get high.

Potency: A modest THC level of 12 percent provides a nice buzz during the day that will boost productivity and keep your shit together.

Odor: The strong, distinctive skunky smell is noticeable even when the joint is still in the plastic tube container.

Taste: A pure, non-smoky, sorbet-like flavor that’s potent enough that you’ll almost certainly cough after inhaling.

Appearance: This beautifully constructed full-gram, cone-shaped horn features a sturdy crank with the fun touch of a Loudpack logo printed on it.

Medical Application: Getting good and stoned in a way that doesn’t get in the way of physical activity, the ability to communicate, or pursue your creative pursuits.

Effect: Gives a happy high, but more importantly, it’s a fun, inexpensive pre-roll option for when you’re not rolling with cash.


Available at Bloom Room, bloomroomsf.com

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