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The DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer is just as good as the DaVinci IQ

When it comes to DaVinci, smaller is better.

In February 2018 I wrote a rave Roverview of the predecessor of this model. The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer, I noted, was the first unit since the PAX 3 to “have the right to be considered for the award of the best vaporizer on the market.” Suffice it to say that my opinion has not changed.

I’m extremely lucky to have a menagerie of vaporizers in my midst thanks to my review work, but the truth is, the DaVinci IQ quickly became my favorite once I got my hands on it. Last month I said goodbye to my IQ because a new treasure had found its way into my home: the DaVinci Miqro.

Essentially, the Miqro unit offers everything its predecessor nailed, but in a sleeker, more compact form. The younger brother of the DaVinci IQ is even a third smaller than its big brother – no small feat considering all that this little vaporizer has to offer.

Let’s start with the biggest potential obstacle: the price. While $199 seems significant compared to the sheer number of batteries and cheaper models currently available, keep in mind that durability plays a big part in determining the value of a unit. The Miqro has an impressively sturdy build, and while I haven’t dropped it from a significant height yet, it’s built so that an episode of butter fingers shouldn’t leave you with a broken mess of metal.

Another important aspect to highlight here is that you can also buy the Miqro for $149, but I’d strongly consider upgrading to the “Explorer’s Collection”. In addition to the vaporizer, USB cable, accessory kit and an extended mouthpiece that you get anyway, this bundle includes a grinder coin, a key ring carrying case, an extra battery, a small but functional carrying case and a handy “glove” to keep the keep the heat off your hands (and enjoy a firmer grip).

Some more expensive vaporizer packs try to increase costs by adding unnecessary add-ons, but each item in the DaVinci “Explorer’s Collection” serves a practical purpose. In addition to the aforementioned glove – a great addition, as the Miqro can get quite warm – the carrying case is ideal for carrying flowers for a few days. The extra battery is a huge boon, especially as a replacement battery lets you take Miqro with you for a short camping trip or anywhere where power outlets are expensive or absent at all.

If there’s one criticism of the DaVinci line, it’s that the battery tends to die faster than comparable devices. For me, the vaping experience takes precedence, but be warned that without a second battery, you may not find the Miqro ideal for extended outdoor use. That said, I stand by my claim that only the PAX 3 can match DaVinci in terms of premium vapor output.

This thing is easy to pack, easy to clean and hits great every time. Built from zirconia ceramic, you won’t find a trace of unwanted “external” flavors mixing with your flour. The controls are intuitive and an impressive use of light patterns provides a bit of fun as you set your temperature and dive in.

The fact is that, just like in the smartphone market, the real goal of high-end vaporizers right now is to perfect them. Improvements are currently measured in a nuanced way, with the major players now clearly visible. That’s why it’s fair to say it’s everyone against DaVinci now.

Potency: The immense range of options in the Miqro means you can calibrate hits to your heart’s content. Undoubtedly not ideal for those who prefer giant plumes of vapor from every hit.

Appearance: Slim and compact, with the added benefit of fitting easily into a pocket or purse.

Medical Application: For those who know exactly how they want their medicine to be delivered, the Miqro is a great way to get consistent, reliable dosages every time.

Effect: Fantastic! Whatever you want to get out of your loose leaf, the Miqro delivers it time after time.


The DaVinci Miqro is available in a Standard Bundle ($149) and Explorer’s Collection ($199) at davincivaporizer.com

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