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The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

The HAL 9000 of vaporizers — without the kill.

I have always been a fan of beautiful lamps.

Whether you’re going to the show at Disneyland or stumbling infatuated through the casinos of Las Vegas, pretty lights are simply a sight to behold. Perhaps the makers of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer understood this, as their device can do some seriously cool tricks.

The IQ is a pocket-sized device that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, right where you want it before you turn it on. While many vaporizers currently available use bulbs as shorthand for the display – one for low temperature, green for ready, and so on – the IQ has them all skunked in terms of pure design.

Of course, the face of the appliance will show between one and four “bricks” of white light to indicate the temperature, but with a click it will also show the specific degree your appliance’s oven is currently set to and even the circumference of a battery show when your IQ is low. These are simple pleasures, but the expert manner in which the designers of the IQ executed them reflects the carefully crafted design of this device.

Another cool aspect is the top chamber, which can be filled with extra flour to store later or with aromatic elements meant to infuse with your vapor and create a unique (and hopefully delicious) flavour. The over itself is located at the bottom of the unit, where a marble-shaped piece helps to compact your herb. The design here makes cleaning the oven a breeze – an element that should never be underestimated when considering the full value of a vaporizer.

Want more? Well, the IQ has it.

The device comes with the required charging cable, but also includes alcohol wipes, a chimney brush, a keychain tool, a 10-millimeter adapter, and a carrying case. The can is a very nice extra for anyone who wants to take a second portion of greenery with them on the road.

There are also some impressive extra accessories that really open the door for the IQ to become the one and only vaporizer you need. There’s a water adapter for adding an extra layer of smoothness to your tow, a very handy carrying case and more. Normally I’m not one to love add-ons, but I’ve tried them all and they really deliver.

Now on to the main event: the smoking experience.

The IQ strikes like a dream. It’s consistent, slow and delicious. The ceramic zirconia makes a big difference here and noticeably preserves the taste of your flower. It does require some frequent refills – the shell size is not very generous – but this is probably by design, given that a plant that is constantly refilled will quickly start to lose its shine.

As we are used to in 2018, there is also an app for the IQ, but much to my relief it is really not necessary. The four temperature settings were more than adequate for my purposes. But for anyone determined to make calls in their heat, the app does the job with ease.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying most of the vaporizers out there, and the IQ is the first device since the PAX 3 that I think has the right to qualify for the “Best Vaporizer on the Market” award. It’s not just the lamps – although they are great – but the whole experience: quality, ease of use, aesthetics and innovation. The IQ has it all.

You can even have this thing engraved in person.

The $274.99 price tag might put some people off, but it really is a savings compared to buying a much inferior model over and over again. Treat yourself to something that lasts – and have fun while it works.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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