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The Numerous Health Benefits of Delta 8 THC

The fact that Delta 8 THC is less psychoactive than Delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid known as "high", is one of the factors contributing...

Election wrap-up: Two more states legalize, MD and MO

Voters in two states, 65.55% in Maryland and 53.11% in Missouri, passed ballot measures to legalize cannabis for adults - the 20th and 21st...

Handpipe Sessions: How to Improve Them 

Unboxing a beautiful new hand pipe is an exciting experience. When you see your new pipe up close, the urge to hit it...

Vaping with Delta 8: The New Way of Smoking 

There has been a growing interest in Delta 8 vaping. It's one of the newest trends to hit the cannabis industry, allowing people...

Drought forces tighter water-supply standards

The California State Water Resources Control Board has adopted new performance standards for urban retail water suppliers—the utilities that deliver water to people in...

Medical cannabis research bill headed to Biden’s desk

Just over a week after a midterm election that saw voters in two states legalize cannabis for adults, Congress approved the Medical Marijuana and...

Adult, medical use legal markets approach $100b mark

A new market research study predicts that the global cannabis market is on track to reach $147.4 billion by 2027 from $14.3 billion in...

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