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Tantra THC: Using cannabis to make sex sacred

With cannabis-enhanced yoga practice becoming mainstream—and with cannabis being used for decades to enhance experiences with food, music, and nature—no one needs to tell a savvy stoner that marijuana makes for better sex.

Sex is one of the most powerful ways for us to find deep relaxation, pleasure and connection, especially when combined with nature’s medicinal herb.

And cannabis makes sex better, as many readers already know. Some historians have argued that ganja was an essential part of some ancient tantric sexual rituals in India, where yogis used cannabis smoke as a form of sacred incense, before having what they called – of course – “High Sex.”

For those who don’t know, Tantra yoga is a spiritual tradition that uses all human experiences for enlightenment. It provides more relaxation, fun, connection, well-being. It makes you feel good.

And while it’s about much more than just sex, Tantra encourages the exact kinds of experiences provided by both good sex and a good buzz.

Tantra is also “for everyone and for everyone”. This ancient path meets the practitioner wherever they are. Your messy emotions and unfinished business are welcomed, the limitations and shadow aspects of your ego are recognized and accepted. You don’t have to change anything about yourself to start practicing Tantra.

The idea is that over time this practice of acceptance will release unconscious mental tensions and slowly take us to higher levels of consciousness guided by love and insight.


In its acceptance of being all-about-human, Tantra teaches us how to harness our enormous lustful sexual urges. This is a spiritual practice that is okay with dirty minds and hot genitals. The confusion is when people think Tantra is always about sex.

Since Tantra encompasses all aspects of human existence, it also encompasses the unsexy aspects. So simply doing the dishes is a tantric experience, as you practice being keenly present to the sensations of the foam, smooth porcelain, and temperature of the water, while taking a deep breath and feeling connected to yourself.

Maybe you’ve been in the flow while you were running or crafting something. Perhaps you have been totally present and full of fun with a pet or child. You may have lost all inhibition on the dance floor. Tantra says, “Put out the productive, consumptive and fear driven and become mindful.” Sensuality, presence and relaxation are the ultimate states of happiness that Tantra offers and accessible to everyone. And sexual energy is not necessary.

That said, many people—myself included—would argue that for most people, good sex is the best way to safely escape the endless list of tasks and worries, the psychological sludge that keeps us ignorant of spiritual truths.

I know many of us for whom a good romp is the surest way to feel blissful emotions and connection experiences. Really good sex or masturbation, with a lot of energy building and heartfelt intention, takes us to higher states of consciousness.

We feel peaceful, at ease and content. Worry less if our jeans make our ass look fat or we need to invite a so-so friend to our party. It’s all – at least temporarily – nothing to worry about. The ego is not so strongly identified.

This is ordinary, good sex. Add a few practices to deepen the experience and we accelerate our spiritual path, feeling gratitude abundance, joy and connection, higher insight and deeper meaning, more and more often.

And all of that from fucking.

Then add weed?


If a couple (or a combination of consenting adults) wants to explore “tantric sex,” the most important consideration is to give the experience a relaxed sense of mindfulness – also known as “presence,” “awareness,” or “awareness.” Be here now.

Most practitioners of Ganja Yoga find that cannabis more easily induces this state of consciousness. Cannabis makes us more fascinated by the body movements and breathing exercises of hatha yoga (regular yoga).

In a tantric experience – whether sexual or not – the yoga practitioner will find the mind wandering from the present to a memory of the past or a fantasy about the future, gently but firmly bringing attention back to the breath and the body, two aspects of the present moment that are always with us. We do this mental work over and over on the yoga mat.

Interestingly, cannabis increases alpha activity in the brain, the type of wave generally associated with meditative and relaxed states. In combination with a meditative practice, the effects are of course greater, so we get more of the desired result: the relaxed, open, loving spiritual state that all yoga practices move us towards.

During tantric yoga practice – and tantric sex – we come back to the present moment by reaching back to the most wonderful, connected, exciting experience that takes place in the present moment to slowly awaken to new dimensions of reality that are free from worries. and tension.

Cannabis makes this easier – but you know what? I bet you’re already having some sort of tantric sex, especially if you’re the type who likes to share a bowl of your honey before making love.


Some ancient Tantriks used cannabis as a sacrament, and some modern yogis continue to do so. Today’s stoners like you and me get a direct experience of Ganja’s spiritual teachings when THC invades our bodies – our hearts, brains and genitals. Tantra and Ganja are birds of a feather, a match made in heaven, for those called to receive them.

So, stoners and loved ones, your first Tantric homework exercise is to be more mindful, both in the bedroom and out of it. Whatever you do in the bag, alone or with others, slow it down and enjoy the richness of life. Relax and don’t worry about technique. Let yourself be here now – clumsy, vulnerable and real.

Being present is more important than hitting the right button, but I’ll be sharing some tips and techniques in next month’s article. In the meantime, wake up and smell the roses, and let cannabis amplify the scent of this mysterious and amazing thing called life!


In the next installment of this series on cannabis and tantric sexuality, you’ll learn how to create a hot modern sex ritual, how to use ganja to increase libido and connection, and how to use your sexual energy to create a more spiritual awakened energy of love and compassion in more and more of your interactions. You’ll probably last longer and come harder too, but let’s always keep in mind that these are just benefits of the exercise as compared to an awakened heart.

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