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Sunday Goods Effect pens are among the best vape pens we’ve ever tried

Taste the rainbow and then gaze at it.

Taste was never my first priority.

In high school, the idiom that beggars can’t be the elect played over and over as we spent long afternoons collecting rather unsavory grams hidden in the shoes and closets of our friendly neighborhood dealers. However, as regulated cannabis has come of age, my ability to be more picky about taste has increased dramatically.

In the world of vaporizers – especially disposables – taste has been a tricky issue. Aside from devices intended for flowers, the range of oils made for use in a vape pen runs the gamut from decent to the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean that tastes like earwax. Some pens can’t get around the metallic taste that results from inferior burns. Some just don’t understand the balance needed to produce an oil that is neither Blade Runner neither gloomy nor rich with Starburst artifice.

Out of all the disposable vape pens I’ve tried, the four that were just released are by Sunday Goods are among the best. Designed to evoke specific effects — Delight, spark, calm, and Rest – this collection checks every box.

For starters, the design is light and simplistic. Buttonless vaping is a standard for many disposable models, but Sunday Goods is no exception. As I often point out, the compact unit makes it ideal for stashing in your pocket while away from home. I took mine to concerts, business meetings and car rides and never smelled it.

The next point of appreciation is sustainability. Competitors who promise a certain number of puffs often don’t deliver, but with Sunday Goods’ pens you can get all the oil out before they hit their target. Nothing is more frustrating than a disposable battery that dies with good oil left, so luckily Sunday Goods has made sure that such dilemmas never happen to their customers.

Above all, it is the taste of these pens that sets them apart. The citrus notes in the Spark pen – a THC to CBD ratio of 1:3 designed to encourage creativity and focus – are truly delicious. I must confess that I was a bit skeptical when I saw the flavor profile of Delight (10:1 THC to CBD) as ‘sweet floral vanilla’. Maybe it’s my own problem, but I’ll forever associate that description with the kind of aerosol you can usually find above the toilet. Fortunately, my judgment was wrong, as Delight’s flavor manages to avoid the minefield of artificial additives and deliver something downright natural.

Essentially, that’s the story of Sunday Goods Effect Pens. With so many companies playing mad scientist right now — throwing ingredients in at will in hopes of landing on the perfect formula — Sunday Goods has opted for transparency instead.

Just look at the packaging: each pen comes in a box with a drawing of the device describing exactly what’s inside. For rest (10:5:1 THC to CBD to CBN), you get a handy breakdown showing what percentage of the pen represents THC and other cannabinoids, what proportion contains terpenes, and so on. It even explains the terminology, which is definitely a nice touch.

Forced to choose, I’d have to give Spark credit as my favorite of the bunch. That said, the mix of peppermint and chamomile in Soothe is a close second. In terms of potency, there’s no way to generalize how you’ll feel about all four pens, but Delight hits hard and the rest probably won’t knock your ass without overconsumption.

The other notes on the pen are pretty standard stuff: it uses LED lights to let you know when you’re actively inhaling, includes a medical-grade coil and fuse, and runs on a 300mAh Li-ion battery. What sets Sunday Goods apart is the taste. Once you’ve had good oil, it’s pretty hard to go back to the cheap grab-and-go options. It may cost more, but your taste buds will thank you.

Potency: Power varies between pens, but is as advertised, with Delight having the strongest punch (10:1 THC to CBD) and Spark offering the most subtle (1:3 THC to CBD).

Appearance: Impressive! These metal pens appear to be leak-proof and look quite elegant. You wish they could be refilled instead of a single use disposable item.

Medical Application: Match the pen you choose to the terpene profiles and cannabinoid ratios that work best for you. Soothe is excellent for those taking peppermint as a health supplement, while Rest is infused with a light lavender aroma.

Effect: Ideal. These pens allow you to take as much (or as little) as you like on each puff, are consistent from purchase to purchase and taste great. You could easily imagine doing a little field test and then sticking with your favorite effect for a long time.


Sunday Goods Effect Pens; $60 each; available at select Bay Area pharmacies.

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