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Strainwise: Ganja Gold’s Purple Pie Tarantula Pre-Roll

Many people will find that the concept of pre-rolls takes away from them the joy of making the perfectly rolled joint. After all, we are ritual beings, and what ritual is better than carefully and cheerfully preparing a flower for consumption? In the case of Ganja Gold’s Blue Tarantula, it’s doubtful that anything but the most experienced of rollers can produce anything so stunningly presented (and powerful).

A strain-specific indoor weed covered in wax, hash and kief, this spider quickly crawls up to you, leaving behind a dense web. My Blue Tarantula was rolled with Ganja Gold’s Purple Pie, but both the Blue Tarantula and its green counterpart are available in several varieties. I took two modest hits on a sunny Saturday afternoon and was soon very thankful that my schedule was clear after that. The Blue Tarantula is a heavy high, one that makes going out in public or doing those chores you’ve been putting off almost impossible. This is a product to consume with the stereo on and nothing to do, as that’s probably all you can handle for the better part of an hour after you eat.

From a practical point of view, the Blue Tarantula burned evenly and easily. The coating added extra flavor and gave a very pleasant yet powerful taste with every hit. Another plus was that I could put out the joint after I had my fill and easily relight it later, without getting into the paper or any MacGyver-esque fiddling. This is an important point because apart from those smokers with the highest tolerances, there is no way to finish this in one sitting.

An excellent option for an intense, full-body high, Ganja Gold’s Blue Tarantula will relieve severe symptoms or simply take you on a short trip aboard your couch. While many pre-roll companies have a shorter shelf life than the products they produce, Ganja Gold has been in the game for three years now, and if their Blue Tarantulas are any indication of their plans for the future, we hope they’re still around. many more will stay. .


Huge pre-roll comes in a sturdy and compact plastic housing. When removed, the outer layer of kief gives the product a tremendously pleasing aesthetic.


The oil, wax, and kief will be the first thing you smell after removing a Tarantula from its enclosure. They merge into a scent reminiscent of a forest after rain – ripe, natural and intoxicating.


Full-throated pine and other natural flavors were immediately noticeable on the dry hit and subsequent puffs. The flavor composition of the flour mixed with oil, wax and kief is remarkable: fresh and delicious. The taste varies with the species, but the mix of flavors probably seems to transfer regardless of the type you select.


Intoxicating, heavy and long lasting. This product is a serious commitment, but still never built into a high that felt oppressive or uncomfortably intense.


Ideal for acute anxiety or other symptoms that need immediate relief. Probably not your best choice as an afternoon sleep aid or pain reliever.


The Blue Tarantula has a great taste and is quite impressive. As a pre-roll, it might not be best to slip into your pocket for a day out, but for those looking for a long-lasting experience, it’s hard to do much better. Not recommended for novice cannabis users.


Available in 130 collectives in the Bay Area. Visit findmetarantulas.ganjagold.org learn more.

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