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Strain Review: Titan OG

OG Kush has been a dominant force in sales and competition for many years. The Green Door has long offered top-tier OG strains, but recently added a $55 OG to its menu. That’s $8 more than the historic top-shelf $47, but since I wanted to know if the pharmacy beat its own top-shelf, I jumped for it.

The perfectly trimmed, dense buds are larger than average for a top-tier OG, but retain a classic OG shape. And this OG Kush tastes exactly like it smells. The taste is enhanced by grinding. Was it worth the extra $8? Yes, conditionally: The effect, while powerful, is not unique. Titan OG Kush is like a fine wine. You pay for taste, smell and maybe (since I haven’t found this anywhere else) exclusivity.

Potency: THC: 22.8%, CBD: 0.9%

Odor: Very strong piney citrus notes, so strong that after getting into the car my Uber driver immediately laughed and noted that despite the OG being in a jar in a bag in a backpack, what I had was “powerful”.

Taste: Very strong, nostalgic, Kush notes.

Appearance: Beautiful green buds with white creamy trichomes and red hairs.

Trimming: Spotless. Rarely is cannabis so clean.

Effect: Very strong body buzz to start. Within 10 minutes, however, the effect is very mental. This would be great for a concert, but I wouldn’t try to work (although I did try to write this review after enjoying the preview). Needless to say I woke up feeling great but without the review.

FINAL VERDICT: 9.6/10. Almost perfect cannabis.

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