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Strain Review: Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is a flavor normally seen in yogurt, smoothies or snow apples, not the kind I expected to find while browsing The Apothecarium’s menu.

I am usually tempted by sweet and fruity marijuana, and this was no exception.

Strawberry Banana is a hybrid cross between Strawberry Cough and Banana Kush, and although I had tried Strawberry Cough before and found it so pungent and hard that I couldn’t smoke it, the sales associate assured me that the smoke was much smoother and more tolerable than its lineage may suggest.

Before buying the Strawberry Banana, I had taken a three day tolerance break. This strain was the perfect way to end it.

On the first hit, I felt the tartness of the Strawberry Cough tingle gently in my throat – as opposed to the usual harsh lung-destroying properties – which was followed by a calming hint of banana.

After two hits, I lay on my back with a broad grin on my face as I stared at the clouds raging across the sky. While I usually smoke clear-headed strains, Strawberry Banana gave me an incredible cerebral haze that left me feeling…well, “stoned”.

The high was an extreme rush of mind and body for the first 5-10 minutes and then pure bliss for about an hour and a half until you were overwhelmed with the desire to eat, feeling that whatever you eat will be the best you have ever eaten.

After about three hours of relaxing euphoria, the high slowly begins to send you into a sleepy comatose state.

Before my tolerance break, I smoked about half an ounce a week without ever feeling “stoned.” After my break from cannabis, my eighth of Strawberry Banana lasted me all week and broke me every time.

Potency: 23% THC, 1% > CBD

Appearance: The large, dense, bright green leaves were completely frozen and covered with a large amount of trichomes. I almost salivated when I saw the buttons.

Odor: As if the looks weren’t alluring enough, the aroma was exactly what you’d expect: a faint scent of strawberry-banana smoothie overpowered the typical potent odor of cannabis resin.

Taste: The taste was a wonderfully sweet blend of tart strawberry and soothing banana.

Medical Application: I would recommend Strawberry Banana to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and in some cases even insomnia.

Effect: The overall effect is complete euphoria.

General impression: Definitely one of the best strains I’ve had in a long time – the perfect strain to end my tolerance break.

Available at:

The Pharmacy
2095 Market Street.
San Francisco, CA 94114
$55 per eighth / $17 per gram

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