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Strain Review: Pickin’ Banjo

A Sativa hybrid flower turns the grass into bluegrass with a chatty, social buzz fit for a music festival.

There are no obligations associated with it until the new cannabis strain Banjo – only orange hairs, a remarkable scent profile and an immediate, rock-solid buzz.

Banjo is a marijuana strain that we recommend to people who smoke weed every day. It has the high potential to satisfy long-time smokers, but its psychoactive effects allow you to hold it together in social situations.

The name Banjo is not a tribute to the musical instrument, but to the parent strains Boost and Tangelo. You won’t find the citrus flavor and odor characteristics of Tangelo, but Banjo smokers will feel a noticeable Boost.

Banjo has a super high THC level of over 23 percent, and a trace of CBD that has Creeper effects well beyond the labeled 0.9 percent. Those effects eventually kick in, so this isn’t marijuana you want to smoke before going to work or making serious commitments.

But Banjo is a good friend to take to fun social engagements, especially those where other serious stoners will be in attendance.

Firing the Banjo causes a main buzz that hit me within 20 or 30 seconds. I was high right away, but in a real mood-enhancing way that made social engagement totally possible. Two big hits produced a fairly sustained 45 minute buzz for an everyday weed smoker.

But some long-term relaxation effects also remain in the offing. Banjo is a kind of motor melter, with calming properties that reveal themselves in the hours that follow. (In writing this review on Banjo, this critic types very slowly.)

This strain has a very impressive pine scent that comes straight from the bush. Close your eyes and it will take you to the redwoods.

Banjo buds have an extremely intricate surface of crystals on the outside and a light green hue with occasional striking orange hairs.

While Banjo is a good social strain, keep in mind that you will look “high”. Your eyelids will droop, red-eye effects are very likely and you may not be the fastest or most agile walker.

The sedative properties of this strain also have their benefits. Banjo is an excellent addition to sleep, sex, and anything else you enjoy lying down.

It’s a good idea to clear your dance card of any committed physical activity before smoking Banjo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t function outside the home. Banjo is an excellent variety for smoking experienced users and does not induce paranoia or antisocial tendencies.

Remember you will feel the touch of CBD coming on, so be prepared for Banjo to play some slower songs later.

Potency: A formidable 23 percent THC.

Odor: Sharp pine-like, yet refined.

Taste: Extremely full, but a resinous smoke. The tangerine flavor does not come across.

Appearance: Very impressive for your friends who like to research weed.

Medical Application: Medication circles at parties and social events.

Effect: An instant high that avoids anxiety, but be warned that it inhibits productivity.


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