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Strain Review: Cherry Cheesecake from Gold Seal SF

Perfect for a Blonde Redhead night at the Castro Theater – or anything else for that matter.

Certain cannabis strains are good for specific things. A quick sativa can do wonders for cleaning the house, and a dull Northern Lights No. 5 is great for the end of a long day. But what about all the experiences in between?

Last night I met my friend to go watch a 1930s silent Japanese movie synchronized to a live sound track played by the art rock band Blonde Redhead. Interestingly enough, I found the Cherry cheesecake by Golden seal SF to be the perfect addition to the rainy evening.

Being at the Castro Theater also felt appropriate as Gold Seal is deeply rooted in San Francisco cannabis culture. In January 2018, it became the city’s first locally licensed cannabis grower and distributor. Apparently, the company has placed great emphasis on “flushing” their flower of excess nutrients at the end of the growing cycle, and only pruning the weed by hand.

This extra care layer shines through into the product. When you take a tip apart you get a cheesy punch followed by a light fruitiness, and the flower itself is amazingoriginal. Crystals abound, providing a snowy backdrop to the wiry orange hairs that snake through the carefully trimmed flower. Honestly, it’s just fun to watch. The taste was, as you can imagine, cheesy. So if that sort of thing is up your alley, you’ll love this stuff. The finish is like the smell – pleasant and sweet with a hint of cherry. I was impressed with the Cherry Cheesecake by the time I released my first exhale.

The buzz was great. A strong, comfortable body high with just enough going on in the brain to lastep things interesting. I laughed, didn’t understand paranoid, ate way too much popcorn, and went deep into Blonde Redhead’s krautrock-esque grooves, overanalyzing the trippy-ass movie that played before me. It was like getting high in the good old days.

Grab some Cherry Cheesecake next time you get the chance, even if you can’t do some weird artsy shit after smoking (although it is recommended).

Potency: THC 24.7 percent

Odor: Really, really like a piece of cherry cheesecake.

Taste: Cheesy, hint of fruit, slightly earthy.

Appearance: Full of crystals, two-tone light and dark green, hints of purple.

Medical Application: Would be great for anxiety, insomnia, stimulating an appetite.

Effect: A very relaxing, euphoric high. The indica shines through here, but doesn’t disappoint right away.


Available at Barbara Coast, 952 Mission St., 415-443-4400 or barbarycoastsf.org

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