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State proposes new testing protocols

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The California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced on June 17 its intention to adopt new regulations to clarify section 26100 (f) (2) of the Business and Professions Code and establish a method. standard for testing cannabinoids.

All cannabis products produced and sold through licensed state suppliers must be tested and labeled, in accordance with state law. This proposal will establish the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be used by all licensed test labs in California.

Through its proposed regulations, the state DCC hopes to ensure that all licensed laboratories use the same standardized cannabinoid testing method and provide consumers with accurate – and consistent – information on the cannabinoid content of any licensed and produced cannabinoids. cannabis they use or consume.

How to post a public comment

People can comment on the proposed regulations until 5 pm on August 2, 2022. To view the notice, the proposed text of the regulation, and the initial statement of reasons, follow the links below:

Send your comment to DCC, and refer to the regulatory topic (“standardized test methods and operating procedures”). Comments can be sent by post or email. I just need to submit your comment for a method.

Public hearing scheduled for August 1st

You can also submit your comment orally through a public commentary hearing:

  • August 1, 2022, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Read tips for posting a public comment. We’ve created a public comment template to help you get your feedback posted.

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