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Sponsored – Must-Have Cannabis Accessories

Whether you’re just getting started with cannabis or have been smoking for a while, any weed aficionado knows that your smoking sessions just aren’t the same without the right tools by your side. But when it comes to getting more out of smoking, what exactly do you need to have at your fingertips? If you want to make smoking easier for you, let’s take a look at some must-have cannabis accessories that you should already have in your hands.

What are cannabis accessories?

Cannabis accessories are items designed to make smoking more enjoyable. Whether that starts with the storage process or the final stage when you’re ready to light your cannabis, there are countless products tailored for those who simply can’t get enough marijuana in their lives. But which products do you need to get more out of your experience?

Must-have items

Whether you’ve already started building your collection or need a little help getting started, here are some must-haves: cannabis accessories that every enthusiast should have access to.

storage box

A storage box is a product designed to keep your weed and tools away from prying eyes. If you’re someone who just doesn’t want your friends or family to know you smoke, a simple odor-resistant stash box that you can store will suffice. For those who have younger children, you may want to find a very inconspicuous storage box that can be easily hidden and includes a lock in case it is found. They even design stash boxes with internal protection if you want to take your stash box with you the next time you travel.

Rolling Tray

If you are someone who smokes with a pipe or enjoys and stomps, a rolling tray is something you need. Rolling trays serve multiple purposes. The first and most important is that they provide you with a flat space to roll up your joints and blunts. If you are someone who usually rolls around on the couch or in bed, this will save you a lot of time and energy.

Rolling trays are also meant to help you catch weed you drop while rolling and keep the environment cleaner. Some rolling trays are built with special compartments or even include rolling tools that also make the process easier. Be sure to shop around to get a custom product that you will enjoy using during each of your smoking sessions.


If you smoke weed, you should sharpener. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to pick at your buds to get the smaller pieces you need to pack a bowl thoroughly. Grinders are very affordable and come in many different materials, including wood, acrylic, and metal. Basically there are two part grinders that serve to separate your buds. However, the more complex grinders can catch kief that you can use during future smoking sessions. If you’re looking for a small investment and don’t care too much, a regular grinder should do the trick. However, if you want to make sure you get the most out of your buds, you probably prefer something other than a cheap grinder.

Today they even have electronic grinders that can automatically fill reels if you really want to save time. As with the rolling trays, be sure to shop around so you get the most out of what your future grinder has to offer.

Rolling Papers / Wraps

Rolling up is nothing without the right rolling papers and wraps. Most cannabis aficionados will have their own preferences when it comes to these materials, so if you’re new to what you love and are open to experimentation, ask your friends or do a deep dive online to see what some of the top rated papers and wraps you may want to use.

If you want to save time, pre-rolled blunt and joint papers mean that all you have to do is grind your herbs, wrap them in the paper, twist or tamp the end and lift (note that, pre- having rolls at your disposal is almost always a good idea). Take the time to see what other people are smoking and what appeals to you most. Then you can buy in bulk and even adjust your options for when you feel the need to scam.

Humidity Pack

Storing your weed is important if you want it to maintain its quality until you smoke it all. However, many smokers often store it in the wrong way, causing moisture to build up and mold your weed and reduce its quality. If you plan to store your cannabis for short or long term, you will need to purchase humidity packs.

Humidity packs are products designed to reduce the humidity in the environment so that your herbs remain protected from moisture while they are being stored. In general, these moisture packs will look a certain way once they need to be replaced, making it easier to see when to go shopping for more. However, general storage is also important, so you should definitely look for further tips for storing your weed to avoid wasting your moisture packs along the way. The more you invest in your cannabis, the more you get out of the experience!


Cannabis accessories play a vital role in the smoking process. Whether you want to store your weed more effectively or get more out of your cannabis while smoking it, the right accessories will help you achieve your ultimate goal. If you’re looking for ways to make smoking even better, consider buying some of the must-have accessories we’ve listed above to safely store your weed, prepare it without making a mess, and smoke to your own taste!

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