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Sponsored – Low-THC, Premium Hemp Flower Varieties Offer Cannabis Alternative

Smokeable hemp evolves from its reputation as a ‘moat herb’. This evolving category is emerging as a quality, boutique strain made alternative to high-THC stoney marijuana… According to CBD market analysts, the hemp smoking industry has $70 million in 2019 and the industry is poised for continued and exponential growth. To meet rising demand, hemp growers across North America are experimenting with advanced growing techniques, stylish packaging and service-oriented shipping options.

Even despite the recent success of this industry, skeptics remain about smokeable hemp. Opponents argue that smoking hemp is only enjoying a surge in popularity because of its novelty, and hemp critics say these customers will eventually turn away from hemp flowers once marijuana laws normalize at the federal level.

While there is undoubtedly a “novelty” factor associated with the rise of smokable hemp, it is the sole criterion behind this rising phenomenon. No doubt people are leaning towards smokeable hemp because it is a legal way to enjoy cannabis and it has therapeutic properties in all fifty states, but as more people experiment with smoking hemp, they are constantly impressed with the product quality on offer. by premium online companies such as Cannaflower.

It’s worth noting that “hemp” is a legal term, not a scientific one. And while there are differences between hemp and marijuana, both plants belong to the cannabis genus. So when hemp flowers are grown in similar conditions to marijuana, the results of the buds produced are remarkably similar in terms of appearance, feel and quality of burning or vaporization.

The farmers who work with canna flower take the time and care it takes to grow trichome-rich hemp buds that contain desirable and therapeutic low-THC CBD. To achieve this, the breeders use premium feminized hemp genetics to maximize the number of cannabinoids. In addition, Cannaflower plants are given ample time and space to reach their maximum potential. After harvesting, our hand-trimmed buds undergo extensive drying and curing processes to ensure you get the highest quality products imaginable.

The result of this care and hard work is a trichome-rich hemp flower that is indistinguishable from marijuana. Although you will not experience the same “high” when you smoke our CBD flowers, these premium hemp buds have the intoxicating quality, all the stuffy aromas, sticky feel and complex flavors you would expect from well cured, all THC strains.

To be clear, smoking hemp is not “inferior” to smoking marijuana, but an alternative form of enjoying cannabis. Professionally trimmed and coiled hemp buds such as those featured in the Cannaflower catalog provide customers with an exceptionally high quality smoking experience. the most important distinguish between hemp- and THC-rich buds is that the former does not produce the more pronounced psychedelic effects associated with traditional marijuana.

Contrary to what critics say about smokeable hemp, low-THC cannabis was designed and developed by Cannaflower to support and enhance different lifestyles. New and experienced cannabis customers alike enjoy experimenting with hemp flower as an alternative when they want to experience smoking for relaxation and therapy, without experiencing the intoxicating effects of THC that can disrupt today’s busy schedules.

High-quality hemp flowers allow customers to experience the full potency and therapeutic properties of CBD, terpenes and secondary cannabinoids. As more people discover the positive qualities associated with smoking premium, low-THC flowers such as those produced by Cannaflower, the expected demand for hemp flowers and the growth of this emerging industry is sure to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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