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Sponsored – Can you smoke in casinos in San Francisco?

Smoking is allowed in most casinos around the world. But in the US, every state has its laws and regulations, so it’s very easy to get confused about what’s allowed. Newcomers to San Francisco don’t want to mess with the law, so they wonder if they can smoke in the casinos of San Francisco without legal repercussions.

California has some of the strictest laws in the country, including smoking laws. Smoking is prohibited in most establishments. It seems like a new smoking law comes out every few months. But none of them apply to casinos. Why?

When the US Supreme Court passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, they allowed Native American tribes to operate gambling venues. And because these tribes are autonomous, they don’t have to follow the same laws, including the California smoking law.

There are plenty of traditional casinos in the state of California. And of the 69 tribal casinos, only three of them don’t allow smoking inside.

Three smoke-free casinos in California are:

  1. Redwood Hotel Casino
  2. Lucky Bear Casino
  3. La Jolla trading post

Fortunately, none of them are located in San Francisco, so you can smoke freely in any of their casinos without any consequences.

Finally, traveling to an unfamiliar state can be quite overwhelming. And newcomers to San Francisco who want to experience gambling can check out the map of San Francisco casinos at casinos.us. This is very useful for visitors who don’t want to waste time looking for the address.

Problems with smoke-free casinos

Smoking in casinos is not new. Most players enjoy lighting up cigarettes while gambling. The main reason people smoke in traditional casinos is that the chemicals in the cigarette help them relax and cool down when they are feeling stressed.

While more and more people are voting for casinos to be smoke-free, there are many factors to consider. The law to ban smoking in casinos poses some potential problems.

A major problem with smoke-free casinos is losing players, which can seriously disrupt the casino’s revenue.

On the other hand, there is always a possibility to make a separate room for smokers, but the question is whether players still want to go to a casino where they can not fully indulge themselves.

Anyway, it’s important to say that San Francisco doesn’t promote smoking. In fact, they have banned smoking in apartments and smoking flavored tobacco in general as harmful substances can be found in flavored tobacco.

Benefits of smoke-free casinos

While the thought of not being able to smoke while playing brings despair to gambling enthusiasts’ ears, there are many benefits associated with smoke-free casinos.

First, smoke-free casinos protect employees from the dangers of secondhand smoke, lower healthcare costs and create a safe and healthy environment.

Also, smoke-free casinos reduce potential health problems that can occur, such as cancer, asthma and heart disease.

Another good effect that smoke-free casinos bring is the motivation to quit smoking.

Many players are used to having a cigarette in their mouth when gambling, but the reality is that they do it more out of habit than out of desire. So smoke-free casinos can actually get gambling enthusiasts to quit smoking.

An interesting fact is that players like to drink coffee at their favorite casino. You may wonder how one can drink several cups of coffee in a day. Well, studies have shown that caffeine works in the same way as marijuana. And that explains a lot.

Harmful Effects of Smoking in San Francisco Casinos

Smoking is known to have terrible health consequences, but it is people’s internal decision what they do with their bodies. The problem arises when other people are at risk from smokers’ poor health decisions.

Not long ago, San Francisco banned smoking tobacco in apartments. There’s a chance the same thing will happen in casinos for the same reasons of avoiding secondhand smoke exposure from non-smokers.

Filling casinos with air conditioners and ventilation systems does not eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke. The only thing that can prevent exposure to passive smoke is a smoke-free workplace policy, at least in parts of the casino.

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