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Spliffy Pop

Marijuana Infused Pop-Up Potcorn pops the bubble of mediocrity in the microwave for an exceptionally tasty and amazing treat.

Popcorn Overeaters Across the Country discussion whether microwave popcorn is toxic waste or a perfectly tasty alternative to cinema popcorn. But a new cannabis-infused microwave popcorn contains an insanely delicious formula that equals cinema-quality popcorn – and also makes you deep and deep high as you take it down.

Pop-Up Potcorn is a new and uniquely delicious microwave popcorn coming to Bay Area dispensaries next month. This critic assumed that nothing would ever taste as good as Aunt Dolores and Korova Edibles’ past cannabis-infused popcorn. But oh, how stunned we were by the incomparably potent cannabis composition and taste of Pop-Up Potcorn.

Turns out, microwave popcorn usually doesn’t suck just because it’s microwave popcorn. It sucks because it uses crappy, unhealthy oils from giant mass-produced factories. Meanwhile, Pop-Up Potcorn experimented extensively to create the most flavorful, potent recipe possible.

Pop-Up Potcorn looks, cooks and behaves like a normal bag of microwave popcorn. But the manufacturer has put together an impeccably delicious blend that lets you fully savor the marijuana flavor expertly blended into the buttery recipe.

This Popcorn succeeds with a particularly tasty concoction of marijuana butter, and the 10-milligram single-use serving is much stronger than the billing promised. The cannabis distillate of this potcorn comes from Weird Science Labs, whose pure formulations deliver highs that exceed the labeled doses that enter your system exceptionally quickly.

Pop-Up Potcorn’s premium infused microwave popcorn provides a spice coup with a blend of premium palm oil and a well-measured infusion of gourmet sea salt. Clearly, the makers cared more about flavor than mass production efficiency, as evidenced by their carefully crafted microwave popcorn recipe.

Pop-Up Potcorn kernels are all grown in California and are certified organic and free from genetically modified organisms. Those differences may or may not mean anything to the microwave popcorn crowd, but it’s nice to know.

Sure, Pop-Up Potcorn probably won’t taste as good as a bowl of fresh popcorn seasoned by a true cannabis butter expert. But most of us are not real experts in cannabis butter preparation, and we never will be. This Potcorn is an excellent, low-maintenance, five-star treat for those of us who are real butter fingers in the kitchen.

Potency: Fasten your seat belts. The 10-milligram serving is deceptively moist, and one person consuming the entire bag will feel like they’ve taken 40 or 50 milligrams high.

Odor: Not weed-y at all, just the standard microwave popcorn smell.

Taste: Much better than most microwave popcorn! A recognizable marijuana flavor is rarely so tasty.

Appearance: Just like a freshly popped bag of Orville’s, Newman’s Own or Pop Secret, with no visible marijuana particles.

Medical Application: Streaming service and chilling out on a Friday night.

Effect: Not to sound corny, but give this potcorn a pop and it can instantly become one of your favorite edible snacks.


Sava Delivery and at local pharmacies in July.

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