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Species: Alpha Blue

In the 10 or so years I’ve smoked weed – and yes, I’m also surprised that I never tried it in high school; #nerd — I’ve almost always bought from friends or dealers. There was the one time I bought weed from a stranger in Las Vegas, and there are also a few illegal storefronts I bought from – does anyone remember Robot from the DMV on Clairemont Ave. in Oakland? — but the point remains: I’m not picky when it comes to weed.

My lack of pickiness is partly due to my naivety and the fact that I don’t have a medical card and so don’t often go to places where I have a menu of options to choose from.

But thanks to a friend with a card who went to the store, I recently had the chance to – finally – choose from a range of weed strains. Normally, when given choices, I ask for ‘whatever a sativa is’, or I just rely on the good old scent test. But in this case, since I don’t have a card and couldn’t physically enter the store, I had to pre-select my strain from the store’s online menu.

On the advice of my friend, I went for the Alpha Blue, even though the description was scant. All it said was, “Delicious, energetic and euphoric.” Since there were varieties with multi-paragraph explanations, I knew I was taking a chance on the Alpha Blue, but the promise of euphoria was tempting, so I thought, why not?

I turned out to have made a bad choice. Although the Alpha Blue has a fresh, almost lemony scent, it is one of the weakest strains I’ve ever smoked. The first time I hit it – in a bowl, for those who care – I was surprised at the lack of buzz I got. I thought I hadn’t hit enough, so I tried again. And again. Nothing really happened. I felt a little spaced out and relaxed, but certainly not euphoric. Not to mention that the spice burns incredibly quickly, so after two or three hits, the bowl had to be repacked.

I went to a party this weekend, so I had some of my friends try it out to see if they had similar reactions to it, and they did. N. described it as “mild” and said it scratched her throat. M. thought it had a “mint flavor” and agreed that it burned too quickly. And J., well, he gave the most positive review, if you count that you get “a tingling feeling behind” [your] eyes” as something pleasant.

I generally stick to my unbranded, generic strains. I may have no idea what kind of weed I smoke, but at least I know it works.


22% THC, 38% CBD


A rather bright green shade, with short leaves, which was prone to crumbling and falling apart.


This is definitely not moist weed. It has a pleasant, clean, lemony scent.


One of my friends described it as minty. For me it was so mild I can’t even describe what it tasted like because it really didn’t taste like anything.

medical applicability

Alpha Blue made me tired so I would recommend it for insomnia.


The overall effect is that there is no overall effect. You might as well smoke air.

General impression

Definitely not worth spending $7 extra for an eighth of this.

$47 per eighth / $16 per gram

Available at:
green door

843 Howard St., SF

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