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Smoking Etiquette Tips To Consider When Using Hand Pipes

Smoking the hand pipe is an art, and you can’t wait to get it right the first time. It takes practice, and you need to learn how to do it well if you want to be a master at this popular hobby. If you have decided to change from smoking out of a bong or pipe, you may be wondering what are the best practices for using hand pipes.

Here are some dos and don’ts to make the most of your next hand pipe session:


  • Always keep your mouth clean! It is easy to forget this part, since you are usually focused on the packaging of the cup, but cleaning the mouth after each use will prevent it from being smeared with resin or grime from other smokers. This could also help prevent germs from spreading between users if someone else puts their mouth on it while using it later (and we’ve all been there).
  • Be aware of how hot your pipe is while smoking it. This can be especially important if there is something flammable near where you smoke (such as furniture or carpet). It is better to avoid smoking right next to these things, so that any sparks do not catch or burn something else nearby!
  • Be aware of how much ash builds up in your bowl and how much smoke comes out when you take shots! If too much ash builds up in your bowl while you smoke, it could block the airflow so much that no more vapor reaches your lungs – which would it.
  • Hold the pipe with your palm facing up. This is how you can tell someone is holding a pipe and not just a joint.
  • Keep your hands clean! You never know what germs might be on the pipe or what kind of residue it might leave on your fingers.
  • Make sure all surfaces are clean before using as a resting place for your pipe.
  • Always use an ashtray or tray when smoking with a pipe so that ash and cigarette butts don’t fall onto the floor or furniture and cause problems down the road!
  • Steven from canadiangrowsolutions.com says: Be aware of where you smoke. If you’re at home and want to smoke outside, don’t bring your bowl inside after you’re done smoking – your friends will appreciate your consideration! Also, if someone asks you not to smoke around them or in their home, respect their wishes!
  • Always make sure you have a new cup before lighting. If you don’t, it can be difficult to get the smoke out of your mouth and into the air.
  • Pinch your lips together when inhaling so the smoke doesn’t go straight back into your sinuses. This also helps prevent coughing.
  • When cleaning your pipe, be careful not to damage the rubber grommet between the chamber and the base of your pipe; this is very important for proper air flow!


  • Don’t smoke around non-smokers without asking them first! This may be obvious, but there are many people who do not like to be around secondhand smoke, especially if they have asthma.
  • Don’t touch other people’s pipes without asking first, even if you’re at a concert or party where everyone seems to be passing around the same pipe. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to cleaning their pipes, so take this into consideration before reaching for someone else’s pipe.
  • Never use a lighter to heat the cup; it is better to use a flashlight or other device specifically for this purpose. The lighter’s flame is too high and can burn your weed, making it taste bad and possibly causing combustion.
  • Do not inhale from the same side of the pipe again and again; Rotate the sides every time you take a shot so no one gets all the smoke!
  • Don’t be afraid to clean your bowl after each use! It’s quick and easy to do, and will help keep your pipe from getting gunky and thick over time (which can affect its performance).
  • Never use a pipe that has been used by someone else.
  • Do not store your pipe in an area where it can get wet or damaged (like the bottom of a backpack).
  • Use a lighter directly on fuels such as tobacco or herbs; this can cause them to burn unevenly and make your hand pipe taste bad.

Bottom line

There are many reasons why smoking with a hand pipe is a convenient solution. But as with anything else, there are some rules you must follow if you want to be considered by others. The tips we mentioned above should help you keep these rules in mind, and smoke effectively.

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