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Smoke Up, Stand Up, with Marley Natural Cartridges

While they contain an excellent oil that you might love, their rickety build can sometimes cause the airflow of your vape pen to falter.

Like famous stoners like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson cashing in on their cannabis branding deals, Bob Marley is the only one dead rock star whose name is used to sell legal weed 37 years after his death.

Marley’s grown children have created a ganja gold mine in Marley Of course, a range of vape cartridges, flowers and pre-rolls from the Marley brand. The company has sparked controversy by building a big name brandd with mostly white US investors, including the Trump-supporting Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, but not with Jamaican growers or stakeholders.

Still, Bob Marley’s name will resonate with Bay Area Buddha buyers. So SF Evergreen did some Rastaman vibes with a Marley Natural vape cartridge to see if it’s worth the $40 price tag (plus the standard 27 percent SF sales and tax, which you pay no matter what products you buy).

We tried the Marley Gold vape cartridge which is a Lemon Haze Sativa variety. Marley Natural cartridges are also available in a Marley Green Hybrid, Marley Black Indica and a Marley Red CBD variety.

Our only love was the exceptional quality of the oil in this cartridge. The moderate THC percentage has a surprisingly immediate effect, producing a smooth high that lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes. The hits have a clean taste without gimmicky terpene or fruity flavors.

But these Marley Natural vape cartridges just aren’t built right. The airflow nozzle is particularly sensitive to unscrewing from the oil cartridge. While that can technically happen with almost any vape cartridge, in most cases it takes some effort.

Marley Natural cartridges are built so thin that a normal unscrewing of the cartridge can easily separate the mouthpiece from the oil chamber. This results in a clog of dried oil clogging the mouthpiece, which can eventually be cleared by breathing in until you hear and feel a little pop.

Once compromised, our cartridge survived until the oil was completely smoked – which for us is about two days on a half gram cartridge. But you lose more oil the more time you take to smoke that whole half gram. And once the Marley oil has had its first exodus, it will leak everywhere it touches and cause some sticky situations. A broken chamber means the cartridge will run out of oil sooner, leaving you empty and ready for replacement. Or, to paraphrase an old reggae song, “No Cartridge, No High.”

Potency: Modest but very pleasant for an oil, with THC levels generally below 70 percent.

Odor: An odorless smoke that does not raise the suspicion that you are getting stoned.

Taste: It’s almost non-existent, and that’s the beauty of Marley Natural oil. You do get a mild 60 second finish that combines pleasant wood and lemon aromas.

Appearance: Like cubic zirconia, it isLooks great at first glance but turns out to be sloppy on closer inspection.

Medical Application: Instant mood enhancement that still allows full (albeit slower) functionality.

Effect: Yes love and kindness, although side effects can include a broken cartridge, sticky fingers and some clutter on your desk and table surfaces.


Available in San Francisco at the Green Door. Visit marleynatural.com for details.

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