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SF Evergreen Endorses: Bernie Sanders

The Bern feels the weed – and we feel the Bern.

While campaigning in Northern California ahead of the June 7 primaries, Senator Bernie Sanders, an outspoken proponent of ending the drug war, expressed his support for efforts to end cannabis prohibition in California.

“I don’t live in California,” Sanders said, taking the podium at a May 18 rally in San Jose. “But if I lived in California, I’d vote ‘yes’ to legalize marijuana.”

(Vermont will also vote on legalization in the fall, and Sanders is expected to vote to legalize the plant then.)
The longtime independent senator from Vermont challenges former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. One of the two will run against Donald Trump in the November election.

For voters concerned about drug policy and the drug war, the choice is clear. Of the three, Sanders is by far the most cannabis-friendly and has been the most consistent on the subject.

Clinton has expressed limited support for ending the drug war but has stopped fully approving legalization, saying instead that “more research is needed.” (And when former President Bill Clinton stepped up the drug war and imposed new criminal penalties in the 1990s, the then-First Lady was a proponent.)

Registered Democrats will see Sanders on their ballots. Registered independents voting in San Francisco can apply for a Democratic ballot at City Hall, and possibly at their polling stations in other counties. Please contact your local electoral authority for details.

Photo by Jamie Soy

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