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Sapphire Kush retains Titan flavor while upping the ante

While the ubiquitous Cookies can enjoy all the #branding buzz, ‘old-school’ strains like OG Kush – at less than 20 years old, the California staple now considered a ‘classic’ – still dominate the market. Lately, Northern Emeralds’ Titan OG has become one of Northern California’s best OGs. But for those cannabis users for whom Titan’s high THC content and powerful sedative effects are just too much, there’s now a livelier, more uplifting Titan cross.

Sapphire Kush is Titan OG crossed with popular hybrid Pink Panties, says Northern Emeralds. It has the same top price as Titan – at The Green Door it’s $55 per eighth (at least if it’s in stock) – and like Titan, Sapphire Kush is worth the extra money for an OG aficionado looking for a buzzier, sparkling high.

The large, dense, deep green buds have the same perfect trim and icy layer of trichomes as the Titan. These buds almost shimmer. A strong, sweet and funky skunk greets you as soon as you open the bag. There are a few oily notes that can get Chemdawg fans going, but instead of a predominant chemical fuel, there are the classic kush notes of pine and lemon. You can taste the spicy spice of the Panties – a dry hit on a freshly rolled joint of revealed grapefruit peel – but there’s no doubt the OG is still in charge.

A quick head thrust greets you on the first hit before settling throughout the body, relaxation and tingles creep down the spine and stream into the extremities. The warm rush stays in your head and pulls the corners of your mouth into a grin. Prepare for excited thoughts, some of which will pass faster than you can absorb, but for an uplifting buzz that softens just in time to relax, Sapphire Kush is a top pick that its Titan parent is proud of.

Appearance: Dark green buds, almost bordering on dark purple, a color that is hard to see under all those shiny trichomes and brown-red calyxes.

Flavour: The classic OG notes of pine lemon are on display, sweetened only with a splash of pink grapefruit lemonade – if that was anything.

Potency: 21.46 percent THC,

Taste: Strong citrus notes of grapefruit peel on a dry hit. Once lit, an earthy, spicy finish. Very smooth, no coughing.

Effects: Giggling with a hint of soft beginnings, ending in a meditative sedative. High in THC – one hit is enough to keep your mind buzzing for over an hour.

Medical Applicability: Depression, pain, nausea, stress. Not the best choice for insomnia or anxiety. Those looking to calm their minds may want more OG and less angry.

General impression: A top shelf OG hybrid with some sativa-dominant traits to impress your friends and tempt even the grumpiest OG purist. Great for breaking the ice at a party and relaxing just enough while keeping your gift or gab intact.

Number: 9/10

Available at:

Green Door, www.greendoorsf.com (call ahead for availability)

Visit Northern Emeralds on Instagram @northernemeralds

Photo by Jessica Christian

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