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Review: O-pen’s Private Reserve cartridges

The market is flooded with vape pens. But has Denver-based O.pen Vape, one of the best-known brands in the cannabis industry, raised the bar with its new “Reserve” cartridge line?

Until recently, I thought vape pens were inherently antisocial. Previous pens weren’t great for sharing; someone in the session circle almost always got a funky hit or nothing at all.

Fortunately, vapor pens are now seeing a major performance boost as specialty concentrates become widely available.

To give credit where needed, O.pen Vape was the first company I saw using disposable CO2 oil cartridges. This is now an industry standard – and it has also sparked a concentrate consistency race.

I recently attended a tasting where six medical cannabis experts sampled three strain-specific ‘Reserve’ cartridges: a Headband sativa, a Mr. Nice indica and a NYC Diesel ‘hybrid’.

The response was surprisingly positive. None of them tasted particularly revolutionary, but they all delivered – both cannabinoids and terpenes.

The Reserve cartridges all claim to be cannabis concentrate, not a filler. They are 100 percent “true C02” oil, according to the company, with no additives in the 420 milliliters — or less than half a gram — cartridge.

The end result is an oil that functions very well inside and is very potent (with about 60 percent THC),

There are slight variations in the taste. The editor of SF Evergreen preferred the Sour Diesel (Editor’s Note: It was spicy!) while I preferred Mr. Nice.


If you hit them too often, too close together, the taste will start to taste burnt. That can’t be good for your health.

While much less harsh than some of the other pens in its class, they still get that burnt taste/hardness when you chain vape.


Big points for attractive design. The pen is sleek and smooth. And I should point out that this device functions optimally with the extremely small pen battery.

While Reserve isn’t alone in the ultra-premium cartridge line – Sacred Serum also comes in as a premium cartridge extract – it’s done extremely well.

The verdict

Cool Factor: The O.Pen battery is completely discreet and fits in the palm of your hand, with the cartridge sneaking out. But with the solid feel and sleek design, why hide it?

practical: I used it on the Vegas Strip, in the dirty south and in Manhattan. The police of the latter two would like to throw a patient on the floor. For dabs on the go, it can’t be beat.

Taste: Given the small, discreet battery, it produces a strong cloud. I’d say it’s 30 percent as dense as a joint – and this is significantly higher than competitors selling cartridges without additives.

Effect: This is not made for everyday dabbers, who will crave a rig. However, it is perfect for someone who takes a few puffs a day.

Potency: THC 59.5 percent, CBD 0.5 percent, CBN 0.1 percent

Medical Applicability: Depends on the species. But with zero ppm solvent, responsible labeling and a clean bill of health from screener CW Analytical, the clean experience feels clinical.

General: 4.5/5

Photo by Connor Hunt

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