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Review: Lemonhead OG (hybrid)

Better than Hair of the Dog for curing a hangover.

Maybe it was fate. By forces completely beyond my control, Lemonhead OG
came into my life at just the right time. That is, I grabbed it on the first deplorable morning of a three-day weekend bender to celebrate
finish the semester – and never looked back. Believe me when I say I speak from experience of Lemonhead OG’s spectacular tequila healing powers.

But even without a hangover, the strain is perfect for pain relief, leaving you slumped with
a thick, warm body high that lingers indefinitely. It’s a comfortable yet amazingly heavy high, so commitment phobes are recommended
go look elsewhere.

The dense, light green bud has a pleasant sweet and lemony aroma and a nice citrus taste on exhale. OG strains are notoriously euphoric, but this one takes it easy with a dazed, mellow high that doesn’t overdo it. This strain is the stuff of lazy Sunday afternoons with Yo La Tengo on the stereo – and it’s a blast with or without a hangover.

THC: 27.1%
CBD: 0.2
Price: $18 (gram), $60 (eighth)
Available at Grass Roots, 1077 Post
St. 415-346-4338 or grassrootssf.com

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