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Returning medical marijuana to its African roots

The boy died in Africa with the cannabis plant.  https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/why-pygmies-are-dealing-weed-to-survive.43763/

Even with federal legalization in the United States of recreational marijuana on the near horizon, American companies in the cannabis industry are looking beyond immediate borders, for the next opportunity.

Africa is home to “dagga,” or psychotropic cannabis. Many African legends and even creation myths involve cannabis. The plant was freely cultivated, used and revered throughout the continent until the UN adopted the Single Convention Treaty and launched a global genocide of cannabis crops.

The Honest Marijuana Company is working with a new chain of medical clinics in Tanzania, Africa called “Your Local Clinic,” to establish itself on the continent for the production and sale of medical marijuana, and to create supply lines for an opportunity. of even more lucrative expansion. : Europe.

It provides a natural medicine to Europe

The concept is succinctly summarized to the essentials by Serge Chistov, Chief Financial Partner for Honest Marijuana Company: “A trusted American brand, manufactured for Europeans, in Africa.”

South African celebration
Steven Thapelo Khunou (left) and Dagga Party founder Jeremy Acton (right) are celebrating outside South Africa’s Constitutional Court after the ruling on private marijuana use was handed down. Photo: Mokone Mphela

Governments in African coastal countries like Tanzania look to each other, namely Uganda and Kenya, to implement and supply Europe through legal channels, sanctioned by the government. There is a tremendous opportunity for tax revenues, as well as for business and industry development, that cannot be ignored. According to Elmira Hadzhykhanova, who developed and launched your Local Clinic.

“The plan for‘ Your Local Clinic ’has received the support of the government and the Catholic and Anglican churches,” Hadzhykhanova said. “Everyone agrees on the need for medical delivery, supplies and services. The 25 clinics will cover 60% of the population, provide medical services (specialized), laboratories, X-rays, with an attached pharmacy. Therefore, Honest Marijuana will have an opportunity in first line of working with physicians to make medical marijuana available to their patients, with maximum flexibility and total safety for investment. ”

The opportunity is even better when one considers the fact that the African subcontinent is ideal for growing marijuana, twelve months out of the year, in land that should not be even devastated by the excessive use of chemicals and pesticides.

As Mr. Chistov noted, “We can bring a lot to a new operation, from the ground up, because we can share a lot of know-how. We know that mistakes can happen in processing, manufacturing, conservation, and so on, so we also know how to avoid it.The Honest Marijuana Company has always been focused on quality organic cannabis.

I take it

With the addition of technology for irrigation, processing and packaging, the opportunity to expand in Africa through a trusted clinical system, and finally in Europe, is a good deal. Here is the takeaway:

  • Medical use of marijuana is widely accepted in much of Africa, despite religious and cultural restrictions. Foreign investment is also accepted in countries like Tanzania, which present unspeakable opportunities.
  • The cost of production in Africa, relative to what is in the United States or Europe, is favorable. Since exporting to Europe from the United States is not an option, setting up operations in a resource-rich country is ideal, to maintain quality while expanding opportunities.
  • Supply and distribution lines to Europe are already in place, somewhat ironically, due to the existing illegal market. Transforming those into legal supply chains, which produce revenue is a relatively simple matter that benefits the African nations that have chosen to participate, and ultimately, the European customer.

Honest Marijuana Company has taken every possible step to create clean and organic cannabis products for demanding customers. Its goal is to educate on best practices and maintain ecologically sustainable production processes, so that its impact on the world, near and far, is always positive. https://honestmarijuana.com/

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