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Report: Sonoma County man victim of ‘pot for potholes’

By Oscar Pascual |

Father, husband and real estate agent Yarrow Kubrin could be missing out on the next few years of his children’s lives just from growing marijuana.

Nearly 100 Sonoma County residents gathered in a courtroom in early April to challenge the recommended four-year jail term for Kubrin, who was arrested in 2010 for violating a banking technique while helping to run a legal marijuana business, reports the Sonoma Independent.

“Yarrow has broken the record for the highest-quality letters of support I’ve ever received, both in the number of letters and the quality of character of the people who wrote them — doctors, lawyers, business owners,” Kubrin’s attorney Chris Andrian said in an interview with the Independent. “And I’ve never seen so many people take the time of their lives to come to a courtroom.”

Kubrin was arrested in December 2010, months after he made numerous cash deposits of more than $10,000 into an Exchange bank account used for his apparently legal breeding operation.

He made the mistake of believing that setting up a bank account would help comply with state law through transparent accounting and a legitimate way to pay taxes. Kubrin couldn’t be more wrong, as depositing money earned from a marijuana business into a bank account currently violates state and federal banking law.

It’s the reason several marijuana business owners laundered their profits by buying glassware, and the trigger for a house account introduced Wednesday that would open up the use of bank accounts for cannabis-related businesses.

Rather than simply cancel Kubrin’s account, as hundreds of other banks did with weed-related companies, Exchange Bank decided to report Kubrin’s activities to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, who then arrested Kubrin and his employees.

Kubrin’s lawyer Andrian believes it is a case of wasted county resources.

“I have a slogan, pot for pits,” Andrian told the… Independent. “Here we have a County Government that can’t afford to fill the gaps, but they want to spend over $50,000 a year to lock up a hard-working father who pays taxes. Why do you want to send such a man to prison? You can fine him, you can put him on probation, you can put him on community service…but what do you want to take him out of circulation for, if he’s producing and has young kids who want him need?’

In addition to Kubrin’s public support in court, he also has nationwide support, as evidenced by a MoveOn.org petition created by Yarrow’s wife Heather Kubrin titled “Stop incarcerating Parents for Victimless Marijuana Crimes,” which now has more than 600 signatures. has collected.

Since the arrest, Kubrin has left the marijuana business to pursue a successful career in real estate. Despite his aloofness from the pot, he offers important advice to anyone planning to set up a legitimate cannabis business.

“Stay completely off the radar – don’t be fooled into the false paradigm that transparency lurks in security,” Kubrin told the press. Independent. “I think the most wrong thing is that we are told that if you go towards the light, you are not treated like a cockroach. And yet, the moment the light comes on, they hit you with a shoe.”

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