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Red Dragon lives up to its name

We love when a strain’s name aptly describes its flavor and effect, and Red Dragon lives up to its name with a warm, radiant glow.

Created by Barney’s Farm Seeds, Red Dragon is a cross between a West Himalayan Kush and a Brazilian sativa called Utopia Haze. This exotic hybrid won Best Sativa at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup and took second place for Best Sativa at the 2013 San Francisco Cannabis Cup.

We bought our Red Dragon sample from Medicine Bowl Collective. The flowers of the collective are fragrant, flavorful and pleasantly potent. Medicine Bowl also supplies cannabis for Marvina, the new delivery service that puts together a different mix of premium strains every month. You can order Red Dragon directly from Medicine Bowl Collective, or Marvina members can discover Red Dragon at their doorstep in a future delivery.

Potency: 23.8% THC, 0.05% CBD.

Appearance: These large, dense flowers are accentuated with voluptuous curves and thick, shapely calyxes. They are well cured, with a beautiful crystalline layer of trichomes and fiery wisps of burnt orange pistils flickering over the surface of each bud.

Flavour: The initial bouquet is warm and creamy with a sharp bite. Hints of butterscotch sweeten an earthy cedarwood aroma with notes of soft pine. Breaking open the flower reveals candied raspberries and overripe guava, lit with fuel vapors and toned down with a woody finish.

Taste: Warm cedar overtones form a delicately creamy blend with pine and hibiscus. The exhale is sharp pine that lingers with a rich bottom flavor and more warm cedar in the smoke. Tasty butterscotch mingles with a hint of spice and a side of freshly baked bread, and subtle fuel with a trail of soap lurks in the throat after the smoke clears.

Effect: This euphoric buzz starts off light and airy, like a feather floating in the wind. The cheerful tone transitions into gentle relaxation with a distinctly rising sensation. It’s clear-headed and calm, synapses dart away in a thick, viscous atmosphere. In moderation, the happy cerebral high and light body stone are pleasantly comfortable and impressively long lasting, but too heavy medication can cause a feeling of unease.

Medical Applicability: The uplifting tranquility of this strain lends itself well to relieving depression, tension and stress. The pain relief is quite mild and can be partly attributed to the extreme euphoria. Increased awareness, clarity and focus can be beneficial for patients with ADD or ADHD. While not particularly spicy or fast, the strain’s stimulant effect can put you at risk for aggravating anxiety.

General impression: This vigorous flower offers a well-rounded blend of alert headroom accompanied by a soft, soothing body effect.



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