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Raw Garden Cooks with Concentration Vape Cartridges

Raw Garden’s distillate vape cartridges have a much higher potency than your garden variety vape oils, at a nice price of $20.

Vape nerds argue about manufacturing handles the way vinyl coleactors debate sound quality. Some power vapers argue that the best distillate can only be formulated through the unconventional process of freezing the cannabis into ‘living resin’, preserving the strain’s true terpene profile in a way that standard concentrate extraction processes cannot.

This weed reporter is not nearly technical enough to understand these arguments. But I can confirm that a new variety of live resin distillate cartridges from rough garden makes you super high, and just in the right place at $20 for a half gram cartridge.

The folks behind Raw Garden are clearly species enthusiasts, with an astounding 80 different types of oil products listed on their website. Your local pharmacy probably only has a few.

SF Evergreen fired a variety called Kimbo Chem, an Indica hybrid of Kimbo Kus and Kosher Chemo. Kimbo Kush is itself a cross of Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, a quintessential example of Raw Garden’s genealogical rabbit holes with complex trunk lines.

Kimbo Chem comes with a staggering 85.3 percent THC and just over 1.5 percent CBD for the record. The buzz is a very uplifting, energetic high well suited to a full day weekend adventure.

These Raw Garden products are half gram cartridges that fit snugly into a standard vape pen. There’s absolutely nothing fancy about the looks factor here, but the cartridge is sturdy and the oil inside is of remarkably good quality.

We found that Raw Garden’s half-grams generally cost less than $20 since arriving on San Francisco pharmacy shelves in recent months. But realize that the price will creep a little over $20 once you pay the required state and local taxes.

That price still makes Raw Garden vaporizer cartridges an excellent budget choice for the vaping pen user who is a little short on money, or the tourist in town for a few days who was thinking of taking their vaping device with them. The $20 buzz is hard to come by at pharmacies these days, and Raw Garden’s fantastically efficient cartridges are by no means a raw deal.

Potency: The entire range of 80 Raw Garden cartridge strains varies considerably in their THC and CBD content, but they are all hugely potent. The Kimbo Chem we tried scored over 85 percent THC.

Odor: The smell of your exhaled smoke has a hint of fruit, but not quite a hint of weed.

Taste: Just a subtle flavor of your strain of origin, with puffs that produce the super billowy clouds that many of us enjoy so much.

Appearance: The packaging is just a ho-hum cardboard box and the look of the cartridge is completely generic. But the distillate inside is devastatingly effective.

Medical Application: The 80 different varieties will of course produce a range of effects, but in any case expect a powerful buzz.

Effect: Inexpensive voltage with no frills, just a mighty powerful cartridge for the price of $20.


Available in San Francisco at Connected SF. Visit rawgarden.farm for details.

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