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Radicle Science Receives ‘Cool Companies 2022’ Award for Healthtech Sector Innovations & Creative Community Engagement

At an inaugural celebratory event in honor of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship on April 28, 2022, Radicle Science, an AI-led B-corps of health that leads significant work in the CBD / cannabinoid, was honored by Connect SD with a “Cool Companies 2022”. “Distinguished by testing and predicting the effects of health and wellness products for the first time. At Connect SD’s flagship event, Five Ten Thirty, Radicle Science will be recognized for its groundbreaking work in health technology driven by AI, along with other notable technology and LifeSci startups, in addition to its broad industry and national contributions, Radicle Science has also made a significant impact on San Diego’s local economy through its replicable business model. and innovative that successfully integrates cutting-edge academic research and collaborations.

“Connect SD and other collaborative efforts by San Diego’s business and academic communities have distinguished San Diego as a leading innovation economy,” notes Pelin Thorogood, co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science. “San Diego is, in fact, rapidly becoming recognized for being an incredibly dynamic center of innovation in data science and AI, which is one of the key reasons why Radicle Science is based in the region. America’s Finest City is doing an outstanding job of finding and cultivating innovation with its vibrant ecosystem that provides capital, mentorship, infrastructure, and a highly educated workforce, all highly supported by world-class research institutions.This is a winning model. which can and should be duplicated in cities across the country – if not the world – to accelerate real social and economic impact. ”

UC San Diego, which is one of the sponsors of the Innovation Day event, is a key contributor to the innovation economy through new programs such as its startup incubator program “The Basement, ”which attracts reputable entrepreneurs who lead UC San Diego students. Among them is Pelin, who in addition to serving as Trustee and Treasurer of the UC San Diego Foundation and Co-Chair of the Board of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, serves on the Executive Board of UC San Diego The Basement.

Radicle Science and other San Diego innovators benefit immensely from collaborating with UC San Diego, which is a national leader in driving a positive social and economic impact through a frictionless engagement with industry partners and the global community. A quarter of the Radicle Science team is comprised of UC San Diego Data Science or graduates in Public Health. These students complement their stellar education with transdisciplinary initiatives, such as academic internships and the LatinX Leadership program through The Basement. Advancing its efforts to drive ingenuity and exponential growth, Radicle Science is also one of the inaugural partners for UC San Diego’s Innovation Sprints program. This new collaboration allows Radicle Science to rapidly expand its research and development efforts for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the integration of wearables.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation Paul Roben said: “Pelin Thorogood has been a very committed mentor and advisor who, through the various entrepreneurship-focused programs in which he participates, gives our students a perspective, a experience and an invaluable motivation as they reimagine what they can be in the experience of what it is, often resulting in vital stages and job opportunities. “

Gloria Negrete, who founded The Basement in 2015, agrees, adding, “Pelin’s work with The Basement, in particular, helps inspire students to create next-generation companies in a distinctly UC San Diego culture of transdisciplinary innovation.” benefit our local and global community through social and economic good. “

“It is a real honor for Radicle Science to be recognized with a‘ Cool Companies 2022 ’award based on the real impact we make at the local and national level,” Pelin added. “This latest success is a true testament to our brilliant team, as well as the deep collaborative relationships we have forged with many other visionary companies and a leading academic institution such as UC San Diego, which has become an invaluable partner. We sincerely hope that our approach to the creative and inclusive community serves both as an archetype and a source of inspiration for other companies both near and far.

With more than 1,500 attendees expected to connect to SD SD’s Five Ten Thirty – including more than 100 Venture Capital funds and generous sponsors such as UC San Diego – the Innovation Day event at Petco Park Stadium promises to celebrate the occasion. San Diego’s commitment to innovation and a lot of startups. businesses and entrepreneurs behind.

For its part, Radicle Science is an AI-led B-corp healthtech that offers the first scalable pathway to validate and predict the effects of health and wellness products, transforming them into precision solutions that democratize disease or enhance function. human. Radicle Science leverages a proprietary data analysis platform and a virtual, consumer-oriented (D2C) clinical trial model to provide objective health outcome data across diverse populations and conditions, all at a fraction of the cost and time. of traditional methods.

Radicle Vision is a future where affordable, affordable health and wellness products are trusted by patients, advised by health care providers, reimbursed by insurance and used as pharmaceutical drugs.

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