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Product Review: Lowell Smokes Premium Pre-Rolls

These beautiful packages just got the Bay, and unpacking it is half the fun.

You’ve seen the joints-as-a-pack of cigarettes concept in the modern pharmacy era, but you have never seen such an impressive package as Lowell smokes. It’s the packaging that catches the eye and will grab the attention of your stoner friends at parties – and the weed in these pre-rolls is formidable indeed.

That marijuana is grown with their many farming partners along California’s central coast.

The Lowell Smokes packaging is a sober but extensive fold-out hard cardboard box, with neat details in a sturdy storage box. Your joints lie meticulously in a pull-out imitation wood shelf with a small compartment containing high-quality wooden matches.

You’ll get caught up playing with the pull-out container while high, in an OCD attempt to make the container look as pristine as it did when you found it. These pre-rolls are well protected and safe in this captivating little fortress.

The flower comes with a choice of an Unwinding Indica or Dreamy Hybrid variety. An eighth-ounce pack of seven joints sells just over $40, or a quarter-ounce pack of 14 joints costs about $65 – and that’s before all of your various local and state taxes are applied.

They are coiled up a little tight, with a narrow crank that is brittle enough to break off when pushed.

But oh, is it a top-notch pot in that joint. Lowell Farms says there’s no trim or shake in these pre-rolls, and the proof is in the puff.

The Unwinding Indica strikes quickly, with a soothing forehead anesthesia lasting for a solid hour. The Dreamy Hybrid delivers a tingle to the chest and neck with a buzz that facilitates socializing.

That’s why these types of items may just be the future of big-money retail cannabis. Lowell Smokes are delightful for a consumer to play around with, but skimp on the old-school marijuana expertise.

But if you prefer an honest, old-fashioned joint, as many of us do at parties and festivals, Lowell Smokes is the total package for attractiveness, convenience and a well-protected stash of premium weed.

Potency: An above-average THC of 19 percent lingers for a sustained high.

Odor: The tightness of the roller track limits the sharpness of the connection. But once it’s lit, you get something of an ashy smoke.

Taste: Definitely piney and woody, but not exceptionally bitter.

Appearance: The box is a feast for the eyes and unpacking, although the half gram pieces are a bit on the thin side.

Medical Application: Ideal for stoney relaxation, not so much for alertness.

Effect: The wow factor of this oneThe packaging is a recurring high that keeps on giving, but there is also some impressively good weed in these pre-rolls.

availableble in San Francisco at SPACs, Harvest, Barbara Coast and Urban Pharm.

Visit lowellsmokes.com for more details

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