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PAX Buster in Southern California

The G Pen Elite is the new flagship product from LA-based Grenco Science and clearly aims to take control of the premium “ground-product” vaporizer market from San Francisco-based PAX.

It might be too much to compare this vape grudge match to the Giants-Dodgers rivalry, but spring is in the air and I’m determined to get Stephan interested in baseball this year.

Many of you know Stephan, the monkey I live with – my roommate, editor, and all-round critic. Every moment I’m grinding through my autobiographical novel, The Tiger’s Revenge, I’m reminded of how he saved my life on that terrible day in India when the tiger found me.

Stephan has shown no interest in baseball, but he is an avid fan of the Pax 2 and very impatient with imitators. He tore apart the G Pen’s overly-cylindrical packaging, showing some appreciation for the device itself, but was furious to discover that whoever provided the vape for review had removed the G Card accessory, a cheese grater-like grinder. the size of a business card.

He shot up the fire escape and went to the roof of our Tenderloin building, probably to brood and plot against the human race, as he’s known to do (see his bar in last month’s vapor review if you dare).

The Dodgers spend the most money on baseball, and while they are no misers, the Giants operate on a more modest budget. With the vapes, the opposite is the case: the G Pen, at $170, undercuts the SF offering by more than $100. While it offers significant savings over the $279 Pax 2, is it worth the savings?

The G Pen starts with the elegant, utter simplicity that made the Pax a winner – then adds something to it.

There’s a shape for the fingers to grip the device (has anyone ever had trouble holding a vaporizer even after using it for a while?) as well as an LED temperature gauge with two buttons to operate it. To fill the generous chamber with your “ground product”, remove the nozzle. The mouthpiece is placed very firmly and can fly out of your hand if you pry it off.

But the digital display is really its most notable feature. On the one hand, it allows the user to fine-tune the temperature (200 to 428 degrees), and it’s very satisfying to watch the numbers skyrocket impressively fast. On the other hand, the first time I used it, I was sitting outside in the sun and couldn’t immediately check if the LED display was working at all.

There is some deduction by adding questionable features, but what about the basics? The appeal of the G Pen Elite, while more than adequate, is not as stable and strong as the Pax 2.

The battery is strong and you can see what charge is left on the LED display, but it won’t last as long as the Pax, or Pax’s magnetic charging dock.

Pax makes a better product, but considering the lower price of the G Pen, I’d call the match a draw.

As I was leaving the apartment to see if there was a day game at Aces, I ran into a neighbor a few blocks away.

“What motherfucker of a Dodger fan would do this?” he said, standing over an elaborate, painted giant banner that normally hung outside his bay windows, now broken off and lying on the sidewalk.

Parts of it had been torn to shreds and Hunter Pence’s painstakingly reproduced face had been defaced, redrawn in what could have been excrement to give the outfielder a rather…monkey look.

My eyes scanned the Tenderloin skyline for a suspect. A dozen action movies popped up on the roof, but none of them had anything about Stephan.


Cool Factor: Not quite as cool as the ultra-minimalist Pax 2, but the LED readout gives an impressive idea of ​​how quickly the G Pen Elite heats up. Any amount of sunlight will result in a lot of fruitless squinting, but that’s not so cool.

practical: The charging capacity of the G Pen Elite is quite good and the battery is strong enough to get through multiple sessions, but still loses out to the Pax 2.

Affordability: $170 is a good deal for a very high quality portable dry herb vaporizer. If you must have the best, the Pax 2 will cost you $100 more – and it’s about $100 better. So your decision may very well depend on whether or not you bought a ton of Giants tickets or not.

General: Grenco Science is so SoCal, they have product collaborations with Snoop Dogg. Hell, maybe you’re from LA and want to spend your money supporting that degenerate culture. If so, you can’t go wrong – this is a very good product. But it’s not good, as they say.

Rating: 4/5

Available at: VapeWorld

Photo by Jessica Christian

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