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Original Pot Co. is Milkin’ Cookies to reach high points

Introducing a new line of chocolate chip, double fudge, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies — the cookies that will have you baking.

Brownies are the most famous and historically influential marijuana-infused treat, but you just never see them sold at pharmacies in the legal era. Amid an endless parade of infused chocolates and gummies, modern San Francisco dispensaries have never actually sold brownies and may have offered two or three different brands of infused cookies.

Welcome now Original Pot Co., a new retro-inspired line of modern pot cookies in classic flavors like chocolate chip, double fudge, and white chocolate macadamia nut. These fast acting and potent little pot biscuits come in packaging that is very friendly to picnics and food outings. But folks, please do your best to keep them out of the sight or reach of children.

Original Pot Co. cookies are an affordable edible deal, sold in 10-milligram servings with one cookie ($3 to $4) or 10 100-milligram packs ($20, before state and local taxes). Each cookie is slightly larger than a silver dollar, or just over an inch in diameter.

According to their website, Original Pot Co. cookies are made with “the goal is to have the best cookie you’ve ever had” by a “team of master growers and globally recognized confectioners.”

In reality, they taste like Safeway knock-offs a few weeks past their expiration date.

We cannot fault the cannabis oil formulation of these cookies. They produce a superlative for non-stoners and a delightful little boost for the everyday cannabis user.

But from a culinary standpoint, Original Pot Co. cookies are not going to impress anyone. They’re dry, stale-tasting, flavorless ones that will have you or your friends begging for a sip of water long before any eventual high kicks in.

As required by California law, these cookies are labeled to tell you the exact date they were manufactured and packaged. You’ll find that Original Pot Co. cookies were often packaged months ago, and it shows in their taste.

The full 10-cooker packet has a lot more THC than a comparably priced pre-roll joint, and is a much more shareable item at cannabis-friendly summer gatherings. But people will find that Original Pot Co. cookies don’t taste very good, which is exactly how the cookie crumbles.

Potency: The punch of the cookies outperforms their 10 milligram THC label, with a more social than stoned effect.

Odor: They’ve probably been in the package for a while and so there’s no fresh cookie smell (or any cookie smell for that matter) for them.

Taste: This is the standard mass-produced “Keebler” kind of cookie flavor, with no cannabis bitterness or a hint of marijuana in the taste.

Appearance: These are tiny thumb-sized mini cookies in a package that doesn’t give much of a clue as to whether it’s a cannabis product.

Medical Application: A nice uplifting buzz within 30 or 45 minutes, with some head and shoulder relaxation and a nice, functional high.

Effect: Stoner friends will soon have their hands in the Original Pot Co. cookie jar, but foodies will consider this one hard cookies.


Available in San Francisco at Urban Pharm. Visit originalpotco.com for details.

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