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Newsom has earned your “no” vote in CA recall

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Californians had a rough turnaround in August, when a poll conducted by the Berkeley Institute for Government Studies at the UC and the Los Angeles Times published shocking news that a whopping 47 percent of California voters supported the call and only half were opposed. An even more recent poll by the USA Poll is otherwise disturbing, with 51 per cent of likely voters supporting the recall.

These numbers suggest much tighter competition than progressives had anticipated. (Editor’s Note: TheLeafOnline recommends a negative vote for the September 14 recall and votes for Jacqueline McGowan, the cannabis candidate growing up in polls, as a possible replacement.)

The stakes couldn’t be higher, not just for California, but for the rest of the country. Consider this: our 88-year-old senator, Diane Feinstein, may resign in the near future and whoever is governor will replace her. This appointment could tip the balance in the Senate, with Democrats losing control and the ability to pass legislation and nominate reasonable judges. (If Supreme Court Justice Breyer, 86, passes, a Republican-controlled Senate could block a replacement until Mitch McConnell heads the Senate. “Moscow Mitch” has shown he is willing to block candidates and rush them, in order to thwart Trump’s political agenda.. – Ed.)

Frivolous attack on the progressive governor

Moreover, there is no rational justification for this recall. Over the past 3-years, under Governor Newsom, residents in California have enjoyed and benefited from:

  • A robust economic recovery, with a $ 100 billion surplus that can fund the governor’s plans, includes $ 12 billion in stimulus checks on 2/3 of Californians, who will receive $ 600 each (plus another $ 500 per year). those who have children).
  • A proactive, science-based approach to the pandemic, with some of the highest vaccination rates in the country
  • Climate action, with a reduction in fossil fuel production that includes the denial of fracking permits, and the prioritization of billions for water resilience, a “clean vehicle” plan and fire-fighting equipment
  • 200,000 free transition child care and kindergarten offerings, allowing thousands of parents in California to enter the workforce
  • An aggressive homelessness plan, with $ 12 billion supporting housing and mental health services

Governor Newsom has also been a champion of women, doubling the state’s budget investment in sexual and reproductive health and signing legislation to reduce alarming rates of black maternal mortality in California. He has also worked with other pro-choice governors to defend reproductive rights across the country.

We remember effort, just another right power take

Despite – or perhaps because of Governor Newsom’s accomplishments and proposals – Republicans, who are eager to replace him with a Trump-like governor, are organized and ready to vote this September 14th.

If Newsom and McGowan both lose, we will have a Republican governor who will overturn several reforms implemented not only by Newsom, but by Jerry Brown before him. He (there are no viable women GOP candidates) will repeal California’s climate protection policies, repeal gun safety laws and strip access to health care for those most in need.

His main candidate is Larry Elder, the closest Trump to California. He is accused of domestic violence and has, among other things, called global warming “a crock” and promotes anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, promising to overturn the COVID-19 mask and vaccination mandates.

Make no mistake, this contest extends beyond California, which is the bulwark against Trumpism, in all its forms.

Only days left to vote by mail, September 14 in person

So fear, fear a lot. And vote by mail or in person on September 14th!

By now, you and most California voters have received their ballots by mail.

Please vote NO on the front of your ballot and send it back immediately. Tell all your friends to vote NO, and join us in defeating this wrong recall campaign. TheLeafOnline favored the vote for Jacqueline McGowan on Question 2.

Marsha Rosenbaum, PhD, is a sociologist living in San Francisco ([email protected]). Carol Winograd, MD is Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Stanford University and a member of the organizing group of WAR (Women Against the Recall).

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