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New health drink: Fresh-squeezed hemp juice

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Juicetiva ™ crystals cost about the same per serving as certain types of instant coffee.

Looking for a way to boost the health of your cannabis shakes? Or do you just like the idea of ​​taking cannabinoids from a juice drink?

Hemp Juicetiva ™ powder is made from fresh, raw, certified and legal cannabis cannabis leaves that are harvested fresh in the field in a proper harvesting process. The leaves are then cold-pressed into the juice, which Farmtiva transforms into a crystalline powder in a second proper method.

The two-stage process preserves the essential profile of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as taste and color. Sold by the pound, consumers use only one gram of soluble crystalline powder per serving – that’s 454 servings per pound!

Soluble in water, bioavailable, without THC

Just add hot or cold water to create a tasty and healthy drink with the health benefits of many natural cannabinoids … except THC. Farmtiva plants are grown and grown in Southern California, free of pesticides or herbicides, which contain 0% THC, but provide 25 mg of CBDA per gram.

The nutritional value of raw hemp leaf and flower combined with hemp seeds, raw hemp leaves and flowers could be considered one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

The fresh raw vegetable material contains essential fatty acids, nine essential amino acids, dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, terpenes and phyto-cannabinoids: CBDA, CBGA CBD, CBC acids, all of which have potential. to benefit health and well-being.

Wholesale supply to the whole food industry

There’s nothing in the market like that, ”said company spokesman Chris Boucher.“ We’re producers and producers. We sell in bulk bulk packaging.

“All of our hemp juices and powders are made in a GMP-registered food quality facility. All of our product is tested for herbicide pesticides and heavy metals, every batch.”

Health stores and food / beverage companies have a unique opportunity to buy Juicetiva ™ in bulk and retrieve the product for their catalogs. Some forms that are used are individual sleeves, individual bags, doses of gel capsules and pressed tablets.

In addition to the drink, the product can be added to smoothies, incorporated into healthy foods or folded into nutrition bars.

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