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New cannabinoid on the block THCV makes a strong but short impression

Nowadays the idea of ​​buyingbasing cannabis solely on smell or appearance is madness. Intuition may have been a crucial piece of the puzzle before the regulations came into effect, but now we are analyzing our cannabis at a much deeper level.

First we were told to pay close attention to whether our pot was an Indica or Sativa. Today we may not attach much importance to this distinction – the concept of Indica as putting someone “in the bank” is undeniably reductive – but it was the beginning of a knowledge evolution that continues to this day. After learning about CBD and the many cannabinoids in addition to THC, researchers share discoveries about the critical role terpenes play in how our cannabis tastes and affects us. Getting familiar with THC, let alone CBD, is already a challenge for many consumers. However, as the industry continues to develop, you may be hearing a lot more about these so-called “little” cannabinoids.

Enter Flow Kana.

As a respected brand, Flow Kana has the confidence and reputation it takes to do a limited edition launch like Pink Boost Goddess. It is the brand’s first release of a high-THCV strain bred by Emerald Spirit Botanicals, a cannabis farm near Willits in Mendocino Province that is collaborating with Flow Kana. With an emphasis on sun-grown, small-batch, multi-generational farmers, Flow Kana is the industry’s rare brand whose name is synonymous with consistent quality. That’s partly why they’re so well-suited to usher in the THCV era.

You may be wondering what letters mean. Scientifically, THCV stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin. According to California cannabis testing company Steep Hill, THCV is the “sports car of cannabinoids”. The jury is still out on exactly what sets THCV apart from its more famous cousin, but some studies have suggested that while THCV does not produce psychoactive effects at low doses, it does activate cannabinoids. receptors in the brain – which in turn produce the sensations collectively called “being high” – in more concentrated amounts.

Flow Kana’s Pink Boost Goddess (a cross of the Pink and Boost Goddess F2 strains) clocks in at 4.24 percent THCV. From a taste point of view, the strain is a reflection of its award-winning siblings at Flow Kana. It’s delicious, with light notes of strawberry and mint. The packaging suggests that it also has sweet cream and rosewood in it, although I didn’t notice much of it either. Either way, it’s a tasty flower, a joy to sniff and puff. Aesthetically, the tops weren’t eye-catching in terms of trichomes, coloring, etc., but in this case it would certainly be a mistake to judge a book by its cover.

After smoking a joint of freshly ground flowers, I felt physically relaxed. But – and in line with what has been reported about THCV – I didn’t feel sluggish or otherwise tired and unmotivated. The downside of the latter is that the effects of a high-THCV strain often don’t kick in very hard or last too long. For those with a high tolerance when it comes to THC, Pink Boost Goddess is likely to be particularly subtle in its potency.

That doesn’t mean Pink Boost Goddess is just for lightweights or those who want more control over their experience. I can imagine that this strain is an excellent option for a heavy user to go to before or after meditation and exercise.

This THCV-rich strain didn’t really make me feel social, so it’s not a great party option. Instead, from a mental perspective, Pink Boost Goddess made me feel curious and thoughtful. That’s part of the reason why I think it pairs really well with yoga or running – something that keeps you active, but also leaves your mind free to process and unwind. If potency is your focus, this one is not for you. For everyone else, go out and grab a jar while this limited-edition release is still around. You can thank me when you land softly on the ground again.

Potency: Pink Boost Goddess is 18.7 percent THC, 4.24 percent THCV. It does have psychoactive properties, but they are subtle and short-lived.

Odor: Sweet aroma of strawberry and mint

Effect: This strain produces a pleasant yet volatile body high and also serves as a mood enhancer. Consumers can expect to maintain mental clarity when consuming small to moderate amounts.


Available for a limited time at Bay Area dispensaries. Learn more at flowkana.com.

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