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Mychronic packs supersonic effects in vape cartridges

The most popular old-school, legendary strains are lightened up again in the form of a modern vape cartridge, with the skilled oil formulations of Mychron Extracts.

California strains became popularmous in national marijuana jargon in the early 1990s, when strains like OG Kush and Jack Herer turned into stoner names. Oakland’s Mychron Extracts highlights these and other historically popular, important species such as Pineapple Express, Gorilla Glue, and Tangie in their extensive and very competitively priced line of vape cartridges.

The power of these cartridges will not disappoint even a heavy smoker or vaper. We were completely high within minutes of taking two or three hits of the Mychron as the manufacturers use an ethanol based extraction process that emphasizes purity and potency.

If you like pot science jokes, their name is a play on words referring to the unit for measuring small particles “microns” – shorthand symbol “μ” – used to design screen sizes for vape oil extraction . They threw in “chronic” at the end, to dub this extremely thorough offering of many of the most recognized old-school cannabis strains.

Mychron vape pen cartridges are available in eight different known emeritus marijuana strains. SF Evergreen went crazy and tried them all because in one day we will get high on eight different strains in dedicated journalistic service to our readers.

Sativas Jack Herer and Tangie are both billed as pick-me-ups, but Jack Herer delivers the best productive “coffee buzz” high. With a THC level of 81 percent, Tangie is the most potent, with a mood-boosting feel that happily slows your motor skills.

an indica Grape Monkey has a wine grape flavor and a pleasant spatial effect, while another indica called Blueberry relaxes your body with the highest CBD percentage of the bunch (and a sweeter tasting version of the strain name).

A series of four hybrids complete the octet: the celebrated OG Kush, also the famous Pineapple Express, Gorilla Gum variety GG #4 and a Melon Gum that is pleasant for concentration or task work.

Mychron Extracts oil cartridges deliver top notch power at a mid-range price. The standard-sized, wide-compatible cannabis vape cartridge costs about $35 for a half gram and $55 for a gram, before taxes are levied.

Weed smokers of all legal ages have a great reputation for ancient strains such as OG Kush, Jack Herer and Pineapple Express. Mychron Extracts brings their essence together in the widely compatible vape cartridge, for expertly formulated updates on vape versions of the most dominant and most rewarding varieties of all time.

Potency: These oils have a THC level of 71 to 81 percent, which is on the high end of the spectrum of vaping patterns, but not as stratospheric as some.

Odor: You get the scents traditionally associated with each strain, still retaining their terpy and skunky elements in the cleaner extract form.

Taste: Smells and tastes mostly cannabis, but there are some fruit and wood accents.

Appearance: The packaging is not flashy, but due to the efficient child protection, there is almost no disposable plastic.

Medical Application: If you’re looking for a buzz that kicks in quickly and lasts day and night, these cartridges will please even power smokers.

Effect: There’s a pretty wide variety of experiences in Mychron’s eight-strain spectrum, but your old favorites have all had their best qualities fried in this oil.


Available in San Francisco at Mission Organics in-store or via delivery. Visit mychronextracts.com for details.

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