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Mission Organics Prerolls Get a Jay-Plus rating

Mission Organics’ in-house line of prerolls pack powerhouses at a great price, available through both their pharmacy and delivery service.

A little-known way to save money at dispensaries in San Francisco is to ask your budtender if they have any private label flowers. Many pharmacies do that “grow their own” cannabis for prerolls of the eponymous brand, eighths or larger denominations, and these are usually available at a huge discount from other brands.

One of the best bargain deals in town is perhaps? Mission Organics$9.99 private label pre-roll joint. Mission Organics is a mom-and-pop dispensary in the Outer Mission, which is also the city’s most remote pot store, but they also offer online delivery all over San Francisco and as far south as Palo Alto.

That $9.99 price doesn’t include your unavoidable state and local taxes. But Mission Organics’ joints are packed with high-quality Humboldt and Sonoma County cannabis, meaning they’re still a deal even after those few extra dollars are added in.

Each joint is not the standard full gram, but instead a slightly smaller 0.7 gram. But the flower in these doobys is extremely potent with nearly 30 percent THC, and even serious stoners will find themselves turning down that second or third hit.

You can sometimes find other joints for under $10, but these are usually the half gram hooters, not 0.7 gram roach.

Mission Organics’ prerolls come in three different strains: two potent indicas called Nitro Cookies and Sunshine Daydream that guarantee pleasant trips, euphoria and chill vibes. Both are loaded varieties with over 29 percent THC.

A sativa variety called Banana Jack is the “weakest” of the bunch at 25.30 percent THC, but is still a couchlock killer that somehow feels like the most mind-blowing of these strains.

However, these joints hit hard and their very high potency will be more to the taste of heavy smokers. A nicely constructed filter reduces coarseness and these are solidly built prerolls that can survive a few sessions.

We remember a time last summer when new rules went into effect and you couldn’t find a pre-roll for less than $20 in this town. Now you can get one for less than $10. And Mission Organics’ pre-rolls of $9. 99 definitely contain good dope, making them one of the better blunt bargains.

Potency: With a THC level of 25 to 29 percent, these are remarkably potent joints for a price of $10.

Odor: Fairly odorless before lighting, but extremely sharp once it burns, with moist, oaky notes letting everyone within 20 meters know you’re smoking weed all over.

Taste: The indica Nitro Cookies have a full, dark coffee taste, while the sativa Banana Jack tastes more grassy.

Appearance: Standard, no-nonsense plastic tube with a joint in it, but the jay is very attractively rolled and has a capable filter.

Medical Application: These are knock-down, drag-out joints that are great for festivals, parties or relaxation, but not so good for productivity.

Effect: Solid old-school joint at an old-fashioned price, with cannabis and craftsmanship better than many of the more expensive pre-roll brands.


Available in San Francisco at Bud.com. Visit missionorganiccenter.com for details.

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