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Medical Marijuana May Soon Receive Kosher Approval

By Oscar Pascual |

Get ready to smoke some Kosher Kush literally.

The Orthodox Union, the Jewish organization that awards kosher certification to certain eligible foods, is currently in talks with several companies interested in offering kosher medical marijuana products in New York, according to the Jewish Daily Forward.

Although the organization has been hesitant to grant kosher certification to cigarette manufacturers, Orthodox Union Rabbi Moshe Elefant told the Jewish Daily Forward that he “would have no problem certifying” medical marijuana because of its obvious health benefits.

“We actually found it fascinating, and we believe there is room for it in the world of kosher certification,” Elefant said in an interview with the New York Post.

The marijuana plant itself wouldn’t necessarily need kosher certification, but the demand for kosher-certified edibles and capsules is likely to increase with medical marijuana sales coming to New York next year.

Kosher pot may even be available outside of New York, as the New York Post reports that the certifying organization was also approached by a Colorado company a few weeks ago.

If kosher certification extends to Colorado, only medical marijuana products would be considered, as most Orthodox rabbis remain cautious about recreational marijuana, if not ban its use altogether.

The Orthodox stance on recreational weed may seem like a double standard, as cigarettes and alcohol continue to be allowed under Jewish law, while recreational marijuana use is not.

Rabbi J. David Bleich, an authority on medical ethics at Yeshiva University in New York, told theā€¦ Jewish Daily Forward that medical marijuana is “a perfectly acceptable use of a plant that grows in God’s garden,” but recreational use referred to as “pleasure for the sake of pleasure,” and “certainly not what a Jew should aspire to.”

While Bleich looks down on recreational use, he doesn’t dismiss the act as wholly deplorable.

“I can’t tell you that the 614th mitzvah is you won’t smoke weed,” Bleich added.

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