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Lucky 420 strikes gold

For pre-rolls that look exactly like regular tobacco cigarettes, Lucky 420 knows what time it is.

We’ve all dreamed since high school of the day we would go to the corner shop and buy a pack of joints, just like a pack of cigarettes. That dream has now (sort of) come true, with Lucky 420 pre-rolls that look and feel exactly like cigarettes, but pack in extra marijuana punch.

But these connections are not available at corner shops. You can only get them from licensed pharmacies and delivery services. (After all, these “cigarettes” are zero percent tobacco and 100 percent cannabis.)

As the website succinctly says, “They will get you high.”

But Lucky 420 knocks it out of the park, both in form and function. In particular, the packaging and the pre-rolls themselves are deadly noises for normal tobacco cigarettes, excellent for fooling passing police officers, bosses or authorities.

Lucky 420s are “decent” in other ways too. Their strong resemblance to cloves or craft cigarettes makes them a hit at parties and gatherings, as people will feel safer with what certainly appears to be a harmless, legal smoke. And Lucky 420s will dazzle your circle with an impeccably constructed jay rather than a wrinkly hand-rolled joint.

These pre-rolls are technically “unfiltered”. It is known medically speaking, cigarette filters are not particularly healthy, and are huge contributors to lung disease. Instead, each Lucky 420 is equipped with a “filterless crank”—not unlike that rolled up piece of paper master spliff rollers use as a fake filter—to ensure a smooth stroke and a lack of coughing.

These tobacco-free Lucky 420s are less toxic cigarettes in other ways. If you put one down, you can pick it up right away when you’re ready to smoke again. They are wrapped in unbleached flax paper, rather than the additive-filled paper that automatically burns cigarettes to the end.

Each pack of Lucky 420’s comes with seven pre-rolls, each containing seven tenths of a gram of cannabis. These are not typical denominations we are used to measuring our weed with. But to put it into perspective, seven-tenths of a gram will give three regular cannabis users an acceptable high, or an everyday smoker a better-than-average high.

Lucky 420s come in three varieties: indica, sativa and hybrid. They tend to sell for about $35 or $40 for a pack, but that’s before various state or city taxes are applied.

This is as good a repeat of the “marijuana fake cigarette” concept as this publication has ever seen. Lucky 420s are guaranteed to be a hit at gatherings, and your smoking friends won’t forget how lucky they were all thanks to you.

Check availability at Lucky420s.com.

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