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Level Blends’ Protabs are a better pill to swallow

Level’s Protab puts the pot in a pill, with a range of different formulations that unlock effects that even serious stoners may never have felt before.

We’re still waiting for that first major crossover cannabis product to explode in people who would never smoke weed. Daddy & Barkley infused balms have a clear cult following, and OLOE sublingual comics are an impressive newcomer.

A new suite from cannabinoid infused pills called protab could be that groundbreaking blockbuster for mainstream non-potheads. Developed by the San Francisco cannabinoid company Level, Protab offers your choice of pills in eight different varieties, many of which use obscure chemical cannabis compounds beyond the standard THC and CBD formulations.

They even just introduced a hangover-curing pill! This CBD-dominant pill, literally called Hangover, has just a touch of THC that SF Weekly can confirm that it actually takes those particular mornings off.

However, many Protab varieties are infused with little known cannabinoids such as Delta-8, THCA, and CBG that only cannabis chemists have heard of. But Level was co-founded by a small molecular chemistry Ph.D., and it shows in their unconventional thorough line of formulations that deliver precise, targeted effects vastly different from those of a bong hit.

Protab does have a few pure THC and pure CBD offers that mimic the feeling of smoking weed without the actual smoking. But other lines of their pills produce adrenaline rushes, relaxation or the relief of pain, often without getting the head high.

The prices of these pills range from $25 to $70 at retail (pre-tax) depending on your cannabinoid of choice.

And don’t confuse Protab with: tab languages, which are also from Level and come in similar boxes. Those “melt in your mouth” pills kick in much faster, but Protab pills are powerful enough that you can cruise with their effects for a few hours.

Protab pills are popping because they use cannabinoids that hardly anyone else in the industry is researching these days. You can’t really rate Protab on a normal scale because many strains won’t even get you high. But they certainly improve your mood, and there are countless sensations in these Protab pills.

Potency: Protab comes in packs of small pills, usually 25 milligrams of cannabinoid in each individual tablet, so you can really control your dosage. Pills can also be broken in half to lower your dose.

Odor: These are pills, so they have no odor. That can be very useful in certain situations.

Taste: Also no taste to these small tablets.

Appearance: These are standard little white pills that look like a garden pharmaceutical, except for Level’s logo printed on them.

Medical Application: Choose your adventure as Protab currently comes in eight different variants with the effects all described on the outside of the box.

Effect: Exactly as advertised for each different variety, as the pill sellers at Level Blends have formulated unique experiences and effects that even constant cannabis users have probably never felt before.


Available in San Francisco through Friendly courier delivery. Visit levelblends.com for details

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