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Lemon Banana Sherbert by FloraCal Farms

Do you remember when it was? “cool” to have a really dainty bong? I used to have a Jerome Baker who was my pride and joy, and the glassware was… pretty involveded. But at some point something shifted, and now it’s all about those straightforward, glass-on-glass, all-transparent structures that look like they were blown up in a BMW factory.

Being a man of the time, I went ahead and bought one. The best thing about these devices is how easy they are to clean, which is a boon for experiencing the full flavor of the cannabis you smoke. I even got my hands on some Lemon Banana Sherbert from Santa Rosa’s FloraCal Farms recently and it smelled so good I cleaned my entire bong before packing a bowl.

After admiring my handiwork, I took a piece of one of the beautifully shaped buds and threw it into a grinder. It was dense and sticky, and it gave the tool a bit of spice before crumbling pleasantly under its stainless steel teeth.

The scent reminded me of vacation and gave the name of the strain credibility. As I tapped out the flower, a burst of tropical citrus hit my nose and closed with a light, well-balanced earthiness.

I charged it up and took a milky hit that let it seep a little more than halfway across the room before clearing it. As I exhaled, it was clear that my hard work from earlier had paid off. The taste was more fruity than lemony, with a mild sweetness at the end. Bananas, then sorbet. Kudos to whoever mentioned this stuff.

The high accelerated smoothly and it probably took eight to ten minutes for it to fully come to my mind. I felt euphoric and relaxed, noticing a pleasant body high coming from my chest.gh my arms, and to the tips of my fingers. I was relieved, but comfortable. My eyes felt soft in their sockets.

Apparently the folks at FloraCal went to great lengths to develop this particular phenotype, originally securing seeds from DNA Genetics at the 2016 Emerald Cup, cutting from the seed-stem plants, and pondering a variety of options for months before agreeing which one to use. best laundry.

I thought about this careful, deliberate process as I sat with satisfaction at my simple, effective bong, amazed at how far the world of smoking weed has come.

Potency: 25.34 THC with 27.5 percent total cannabinoids

Odor: Lemon, then banana, then sorbet

Taste: Phenomenal.

Appearance: Nice. The lengthy selection process of this pheno was well worth it.

Medical Application: Great for depression, anxiety, stress, pain and nausea.

Effect: Cheerful, energetic, creative, reassuring.

Final verdict: First-class, first-class cannabis of the next level. What a time to be alive!


FloraCal Farms is run through RVR Distribution and available from Medithrive Mission, 1933 Mission St. 415-562-6334 or medihrive.com

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