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Kind Bud Campout by Laytonville this weekend

Karen Byars Kind Bud Campout 2022 MCREvents

Mendocino Cannabis Resource Events (MCREvents) is hosting its inaugural “Kind Bud Campout” this weekend, July 9-10, at the historic Black Oak Ranch north of Laytonville, California. The meeting will be a combination of music, education and legal and safe consumption of cannabis.

During the day, speakers will discuss the different types and qualities of hash, hash extracts and how they are produced. Another panel focuses on terpenes – one of the most elusive and important components in cannabis plants. Terpenes are responsible for the myriad of scents and flavors in cannabis strains and are part of the complex chain of chemical compounds that create a wide variety of cannabis effects. A Cannamaste cannabis spirituality ceremony will be held at 4 PM.

Saturday night’s shows include sets from Kind Bud and the Joints, with Papa Mali and Matt Hubbard, Bobby Vega and Wally Ingram performing a very special “Garcia / Hunter Set” to their exclusive West Coast performance. Along with these legendary artists, singer-songwriter Sherita Perez and positive reggae artist Junior Toots graced the stage.

Activist roots, with an eye on the future

MCREvents founder Karen Byars supports the cannabis community through workshops, events, job fairs, private consulting and business services in Mendocino County. Now, says Byars, the purchase of a license from the Cannabis Event Organizer in California has given him the opportunity to branch out into event production.

“We are focused on creating cannabis markets and shows that feature flowers and cannabis products outdoors in Northern California, at festivals and events,” says Byars. “The Kind Bud Campout is an intimate cannabis-oriented experience in Northern California.”

The exclusive night meeting is limited to 500 attendees. Advance bird tickets are $ 75, which includes parking and camping. Tickets and information are available on the Kind Bud Campout website https://www.kindbudcampout.com/.

Guests can also participate in our open-air microphone session at night or share your stories in one during the ‘Outlaw Storytelling: Real Tales from Behind the Redwood Curtain,’ ”Byars continues.

The on-site cannabis market will feature a variety of offers from licensed farmers and producers. The meeting will focus on hash – one of the most expensive and least understood cannabis products. There will be a Dab Bar at the market and a unique opportunity for hash tasting, with tasting kits available for purchase.

Sharing of sacramental cannabis at the Cannamaste ceremony

A special 420 “Cannamaste” ceremony will be held, a tribute to a larger movement known as Cantheism or Cannatheism – a term coined by legendary cannabis expert witness Chris Conrad in 1995. The ceremony is non-denominational in nature and does not does not discriminate or devalue. and their personal religious beliefs. Cantheism honors the connection and sanctity of cannabis through a simple and sacramental sharing of the plant as traditionally smoked.

“There are a limited number of slots available for sponsors and hash roll / extract / infused companies to enter the hash tasting,” notes Byars. To qualify, participants will produce the hash and extract that is made from the outer biomass of Northern California. “Biomass” is made up of cannabis leaves, stems and stems, which, when harvested and processed with care, can become the basis for excellent hash products.

Participants must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID. The Black Oak Ranch offers camping under oak and laurel trees, with drinking water available and the opportunity to take a dip in the nearby countryside. No dogs / pets are allowed at the event.

If you are interested in creating a cannabis sale market at your event or interested in being a seller or sponsor in other MCREvents activities, please contact [email protected]

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