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Kickin’ It Old School with the Vaporbrothers

Do you remember Pogs? back when I When I first started smoking weed, I clearly remember the time I dug up an old Pog tube and turned it into a bong with a hard plastic straw for a stem and a trumpet mouthpiece for a bowl. It was a monument to my transition from tween to a real stoner – and rightly so, my mom immediately found it and grounded me.

Some things are timeless, and a homemade bong is one of them. Another is the Vaporbrothers VB1 Desktop Vaporizer. In a world increasingly dominated by high-tech cannabis equipment, the VB1 is still going strong and doing well. Interestingly enough, when Vaporbrothers built their first prototype in 1999, they did so using makeshift tools and objects they found around their homes in West LA.

Today, whip-based technology is ridiculously easy to use: just turn the knob on the box and grind some flowers as it heats up. Then place the flowers in the bulb at the end of the tube, place the bulb on the glowing thing in the box and breathe through the other end of the tube.

That is it. Leave the digital heat sensor by the door – let’s listen to ska, see what Seinfeld and get so high. See you after Y2K.

The verdict

Cool Factor: The black model is sleek and understated for a desktop vaporizer. There’s also the nostalgia factor, which is rad. It is a type of vaporizer similar to owning a record player.

practical: Super practical. While the whip device may seem cumbersome, it actually rolls nicely around the box. In fact, with so few moving parts, it has some serious durability. While they don’t have an official warranty, Vaporbrothers claims the VB1 can last up to 10 years – and I believe them. The downside, of course, is portability, but they don’t claim it’s a virtue. (It’s called a “desktop vaporizer” for a reason.) However, the fact that it uses mains power means you’ll never run out of power unless you forget to pay your electric bill.

Affordability: Not bad. The VB1 costs $179.99 and comes with a replacement whip. A brand new Volcano costs nearly $400 with tax, so the VB1 is certainly a great value option for those in the market for a desktop vaporizer.

General: I think I made my point pretty clear, but hey, I love this thing.

Rating: 5/5

Available at vaporbrothers.com

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