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Is this the ‘strongest dab in the world’?

A new THC-A isolate makes that claim, so we started Dip N Dabs to see if they really lifted that much weight.

SF Evergreen couldn’t resist grab the dab that the label boasts of being the ‘world’s strongest dab’. That self-proclaimed title is on the packaging of all THC-A isolates from Dip N Dabs, a relatively new concentrate brand that hit the Bay Area shelves last year.

Calling yourself the “strongest in the world” seems like a ridiculous claim, but the Dip N Dabs lemon tree-flavored concentrate we tasted contains 95.38 percent THC. Respected cannabis lab SC Labs tested, and some recent dab products have indeed reached the 96 percent THC threshold. The claim is credible at first glance.

Dip N Dabs THC-A Isolates are 50-50 indica-sativa hybrids in powder form. Powder is a great form for smoking dab for spats like me who tend to get oil or wax on their hands, clothes and gear.

These isolates are essentially pure powdered THC-A, a cannabinoid that turns into THC when heated to a few hundred degrees.

Smoking it up unleashed a multi-hour marathon buzz of peaks, valleys and rolling hills. The Dip N Dabs high was ideal for recreation or entertainment, but not great for focus.

Physically, I felt a very concentrated head high on my frontal lobe with occasional tingling in other head regions. My motor skills were not affected and sleepiness was not a problem.

But I’ve been higher, and it’s not the world’s strongest dab. Dip N Dabs still stands out, though, as dabs with this spectacular potency typically cost around $50 for half a gram excluding taxes. Half a gram of Dib N Dabs costs about $30.

The company also markets a range of waxes and live resins in fruit flavors such as key lime pie and strawberry banana. They all test for more than 90 percent THC, with some strains reaching as much as 96 percent.

Despite all their efforts in purity and potency, fruity varieties seem redundant. The names may be derived from parent strains, but fruit colors and scents are certainly present in the ingredients. If you’re trying to make the THC as pure as possible, why add artificial fruit flavors?

Dip N Dabs THC-A isolates aren’t the strongest dabs in the world, but the half gram is still a great buy at about $30 plus local taxes. The fruit flavor seems a bit gimmicky, but that’s the industry today. It’s a fine budget-level dab powder, in both senses of the word ‘fine’.

Potency: Its 95.38 percent THC content is probably the highest of any product reviewed by this publication.

Odor: A very light citrus scent, but powdered isolates are not known for their scent.

Taste: Clear lemon accents and more fruit flavor than you’re used to tasting in a THC-A dab.

Appearance: A pale yellow powder, which often clumps together in chunks that can be easily broken with your metal dab tool.

Medical Application: Losing oneself in a train of thought for significant periods.

Effect: A hydrogen bomb of a high, long lasting but with very few physical effects.


Green Rush Delivery, greenrush.com

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